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Why does it keep submitting past the number I have it set to?

I have my Tier 1's set to pause after 50 "submissions reached in a day" but they don't stop, they just keep on submitting.  Wtf??

These Tier 1's link to my money site so obviously I don't want too many links being built per day... why are they not stopping at 50 submissions???  I've been having to keep my eye on them and manually set them to "Inactive" after they start going way past 50 submissions.


  • SvenSven
    Did you read the forum, the faq, the note in the program when enabling that option? I guess none of that.
  • Instead of making me sift through countless pages of information you could just tell me...
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    search google with this: submission reached a day

    this thread appears once a week and it was discussed back and forth a dozen times already. i count 5 of those threads at least when searching with the term stated above.
  • I can see why so many people get confused..its because of wording ..two columns says 'submitted' and 'verified'

    when i see word 'submitted' ..i assume its the number of articles submitted..however, SER shows both submitted as well as account if 'submitted' column says 900 it means SER has created 900 accounts [and its verifying them]..there is no way for us to find out how many articles actually submitted..You can see that number only on logs..

    It would be less confusing if SER shows actual submission number in that column insted of both account created and submission :-)
  • I'm reading through a bunch of other threads about this topic... someone mentioned that they had it set to pause at "50 submissions reached in a day" but ended up with 80 verified links.  As ron says, 20% is a good number to go by, meaning 50 submissions should result in about 10 verified links.

    So how can there end up being 80 verified links from 50 submissions?  If it's set to pause at 50 submissions then wouldn't the maximum possible number of verified links be 50?
  • I am really confused about this... in all the other threads people keep saying the reason the submission numbers look so high is because they include registrations, but then sven keeps saying "the counter for project options is referring to submissions done for url submissions, not registrations."  

    Hmm, then why is the project counter going way past the set "submissions per day" number?  Damn, this should not be so difficult.
  • Hi,

    Santos gave me this explanation hopefully it puts some light on it for you.

    " The software will still continue to verify links even while its paused so if you set it to pause after 10 verified links it will submit an infinite number until it reaches 10 verified links. Lets say it submitted 100 links before it got to 10 verifieds. Now its paused but it will continue to verify the remaining 100 submitted links while will make that verified number go up "

  • Ok but that seems to be about the "pause after x verified" function, I'm using the "pause after x SUBMITTED" function...  I would think it could stop submitting at the exact number that you tell it to because the amount of verified links is irrelevant.
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