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Proxy Configuration Issues

Hi there, I have had some problems with Proxies. Even if the Private Proxies seems to be configured properly to me, that is actually not the case. My Vps provider is not too happy atm so could you help me with detecting what the problem is here or if its some sort of bug.

private proxies Checked!


Whats the problem with this config why ain't my private proxies used when submitting whit this config?



  • SvenSven
    Also enable the proxy for identification. Thats the only thing I see.
  • you can check "automatically disable private proxies when..." and "stop projects on no active proxies".
    when you keep that settings unchecked it happen that your VPS IP will be used once your proxies aren't working or failing the test.
  • Thanks for the fast response, just to confirm and be 100% sure so this problem does not appear again this the preferred configuration then.

    1. Enable Proxy for identification
    2. Automatically disable private proxies when...
    3. Stop projects on no active proxies


    skip for identification: unchecked


    Automatically disable private proxies when...

    so this should be the proper config to avoid similar issues then right?
  • yes, looks fine to me. however, i believe you can never rule out that your proxies might be leaking as well if your proxy provider sucks somehow. that said, i don't know one case where this was true for the established proxy providers like proxy-hub or buyproxies.
  • Thanks Ozz, I will keep possible proxy leaking in mind if I run into this issue in the future! Thanks again.
  • Hi,

    I just found out that in using semi-dedicated proxies from buyproxies, each user actually has a bandwidth per proxy.

    Now when I'm scraping and identifying targets, I think having the 'skip for identification' checked might help to let our proxies breathe. But then I found this thread that it might have issues with abuse complaints. (Although if what it really does is use the real IP when checking what platform a specific website is, then for me this is okay to have this 'skip for identification' checked). Is this still the case? Any thoughts?
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