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I have a very low LPM when I run GSA SER

When I used GSA SER for the first five days I had a verified links of around 100 per day, after that it was arounf 5 - 15 per day,

It doesn't make a difference whether I use public or private proxies.

Does anyone know why this is? How can I improve my LPM.


  • read the sticky thread "compiled list of tips..". within that thread you find some links how to boost your performance.
  • Use lots broad keywords with lots of search volume.
  • ronron

    Do what @Ozz says, but for godssake, don't use public proxies. Ozz forgot to include his special banner for you.

    Expanding on @sweeppickers comment, you want to find a giant list of 1 or 2 word phrases - it doesn't get any more general than that. I put some stuff in a thread where I advise to break up the files into manageable sizes, maybe 1000 words each, and have all those files in a folder. Then use the spinfolder token in the keyword field, and ideally, keep the folder on dropbox or something similar. It makes for a nice difference in speed as opposed to having that folder on the desktop.

    Verifieds go up when speed goes up. So work on speed. Tons of threads on that. Also check out:

    Use that search tip in there and stick in LPM in the search. You will flying in short order.

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