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GSA SER Roaming Folder COnsuming 73GB SPACE in just 150 campaign . How to reduce it?

Guys i have just added 150 campaigns and this roaming folder is consuming 73Gb space.. So is there any way to decrease it?? I had removed the duplicate url so please give me suggestion.



  • i just check it again and find the that all this space is consumed by "debug" folder so what is this ??

    Should I remove this??

  • click options -> advance -> remove debug html files
  • Thanks Ozz..i just solve that..

    Thanks for your hekp
  • SchwarzHatSchwarzHat Blitzkrieg
    You guys know what purpose debug files serve?
  • @SchwarzHat

    Troubleshooting. Unless you have the box alongside it ticked that says ' Run in debug mode ' then you shouldn't have any debug html files.
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