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Problem with keeping the same link velocity when including wikis

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Let's say you want to build x number of verified links / day from many different platforms. We already know that limiting your project by verified links / day is not really the way to go especially when you have a custom time set for verification.

By looking at your submitted vs verified you can get your average verified % and then set the "pause the project after x submitted links in a day". This works in theory...until you decide to include wikis in the mix. (Obviously when you're using the "pause the project after..." setting, you're looking for a relatively steady link velocity.)

After looking at my successful vs verified stats, I realized that MediaWiki (the one wiki platform that gives the most sites by far) has 97.6% verified rate! This is basically the cause of my problem.

 If you were to set your projects for 100 submitted per day and GSA decides that it will look mostly for wikis, you might end up with 80+ verified links that day. But then tomorrow, when GSA decides to post to other platforms, you might end up with only 20 or even < 10 if the engines of the choice for the day was blog comments or something like that. (even tho you submitted the exact number of links as yesterday)

Now I know all of this includes far too many variables to be able to end up with the same number of verified links each day. But the way it is now, I can only remove wikis from the project (which shouldn't be the solution) or have huge spikes of verified links whenever GSA post to those.

Maybe something like an option to limit the number of submission to specific engines / day. A way to tell GSA "gee, I don't want more than 10% of today's submission to be wikis". Basically anything that will help you stay near the global successful vs verified %.

Any thoughts this would be highly appreciated.


  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    give wikis its own project (= seperate it from the other project) and define the number of submission you like to get. done.
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    That's hardly the most elegant solution, wouldn't you agree? :D

    While I understand that this would solve it for most people with only a few projects / powerful servers, it's not the best option when GSA is on a computer with limited resources.

    I'd imagine it would be easy to tell GSA or include an option that would say:
    "Ok, I need to post 100 links today but no more than x from platform y"

    Even better, by doing so with multiple platforms, you could easily be able to craft your own desired link profile with great care from a single project.
  • I was thinking about asking something like this 2 month ago... 

    the option to tell ser how many links to build per engine.

    maybe skip this engine after X amount of links has been submitted/verified for that engine.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Maybe a more elegant solution rather than doing it per platform would be 
    "limit links for any one platform to x% of total of project"
  • +1 for this. I create separate projects for wikis.
    Would be nice to have a solution to create an project, select multiple platforms like article, social network, web2, wiki and tell SER to add say x% links from platform 1, y% links prom platform y and so on.. per project, without creating a new project for every platform.
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    the problem i see with this is some platform are more limited than the other like (media)wiki. just assume you like to build 

    20% of wikis with 5000 easy targets
    40% of articles with 800 easy targets
    40% of social networks with 2000 easy targets

    once 1000 articles are built the rest of the campaign has to orient itself to this number. so it will built 800 SN as well and 400 wikis. you leave 4600 wikis and 1200 SN because SER won't find more than 800 article sites that easily.

    if thats what you are asking for than go ahead but i already feel sorry for Sven because of all the crying why SER doesn't built any links anymore ;)
  • SvenSven
    Yes Ozz is right, I will not add such things as the number of site per platform differ a lot and would break too many things.
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