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Proxy is becoming dead after campaign start

Hello friends,
                  i am using 20 shared proxy and i am happy with them but from the last few days when I got a new proxy from them its becoming dead after 1-2 hour of started the campaign..what happen now is that when I start the campaign and check the proxy in GSA it was working fine but after 1-2 hour proxy was dead in gsa and campaign stopped so i have to again test proxy and its work but i have to do this thing every 1 hour and you know this is not reliable

Can you guys please tell me where I am doing wrong?



  • SvenSven
    just uncheck the option to auto disable proxies on use.
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    I was having the same problem with 100 private proxies form squidproxy - glad to know it's not them, they were a new vendor and I really got on their case about the proxies failing and GSA stopping. And I did uncheck auto-disable, but was still failing.
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    also stop using public proxies for submission or uncheck that field if no public proxies are in use (as i would recommend to not use public proxies for anything). make sure you've marked your private proxies as private.
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    Yes, Ozz & Sven are right.  Turn off public proxies.  And turn off the "Automatically Test..." in the Options tab of the Proxy Configuration panel.  As long as your proxies are OK when you turn them back on then your proxies are ok, it's just your SER settings. 

    And if you have 20 proxies you can prob. run at 200 threads.  Seems to be that 10 threads per proxy is a good number.  Can test moving HTML timeout between 120 and 150.
  • Thanks you so much Guys ...I had solved this issue by replacing the proxy..Also i am going to implement this setting now..

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