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Out of Memory Error

edited June 2013 in Bugs

whenever this outof memory error pops up, and i click on yes to stop the projects and make changes,

the popup keeps popping a 1000 times, the only way to get it stopping is to nuke off SER via the task manager



  • ? i am really the only one getting this?

    then i would assume somehing is wrong with the VPS

  • SvenSven
    How many projects do you run and how many threads? Try running one project with 10 threads ans see memory usage.
  • Scheduler with 20 projects, 20 min. switching,

    240 threats, the out of memory error pops up after SER is running 10+ hours, so basically always in the morning when i check how it was running over night, i ll got this bug,

    I have to admit thou that i had to move to new VPS, and on old VPS same provider never had it, but its same rought specs just CPU slighly better.

    The annoying part is that the error window is keep popping up no matter if i click on yes or no, and therefore the only way to get rid of it is to nuke SER via the Task Manager, and therefore i am sure that some things cant be saved, - so fixing the fact that the out of memory window doubt come XXXX times, or per project, rather then just one time would be a help imho.

    the memory usage i have atm is like 500 M, (20 proj / 20 min)

    so i stopped all projects, its now threads 0, and click on the X to close the program

    then i get popup  -
    There are still projects running / Quit anyways? clicking YES doesnt close SER

    so i have to nuke it off again with the task manager


    so to answer your question the meory usage of 1 projects with 10 threads is 70-90 MB


  • SvenSven
    Hmm when you see it is not closing after a long time, try to hit Help->Create Bugreport. That gives me a overview on all threads and which is hanging at what place.
  • oki will try to do that next time, it appears (will prolly be tommo morning)
  • hmm

    sorry sending bug report didnt work,
    thats the latest of the annoying windows LOL


    thought i sent you 2 thou

    one with the out of memory and 1 with that it doesnt quit

  • decrease the threat, and decrease the project handle 
    ive this issue before, and i move to better performanced VPS 

    try 16gb ram of vps 

    the annoying thing,pop up windows always show it happened to me too, i think its still bugs, 
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    6-8 GB RAM maybe... along with CB and Indexer (<- remember that SER is a 32bit application).

    on a side note @administrator: don't you think that your user name is kind of misleading!?
  • user name is definatly misleading LOL

    however, my VPS has 4 gig, while it says max usable by win7 32 bit, 3 GB

    but my SER gets the out of memory bug when SER reports to have used up 1 Gig, so whats the point in having more, when SER is not using it anyways>

    on  the box, only SER and CB is running same time,

  • i am not really able to sent a bug repot when the out of memory error appears, cause it pop up so fast again, and it always focused so i cant click anywhere else then a 100 times on yes or no without any effect besides the annoying thing to come again

    only to kill SER in taskmanager brings and end to it

  • SvenSven
    How big are your project files? Do you use a lot content in it?
  • did 1 projects as test it was a 2 MB .ser file

    also it might worth to mention, that when i restored all projects on the new VPS, i used Backup All before, the all projects backup file was 390 MB


  • SvenSven
    .ser files are compressed. Please have a look in the project folder itself and see how big the files are there.
  • hope i understand the question right, 

    when i unzip the .ser file it covers 7.13 MB

    if thats not what you meant, are you reffering to the projects folder on some other location?

  • supposing you are reffering to

    C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\GSA Search Engine Ranker\projects

    they are ranging from 15 kb to 6 mb there

    talking of only .prj files they range from 106 KB to 2.75 MB



  • SvenSven
    Count by <project name>.* please.
  • oki hope i get it right ...

    C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\GSA Search Engine Ranker\projects

    2147 files in total in that folder
    345 files with *.hosts_done
    7 files with* .igonore_keywords
    128 files with *.new_keywords
    3 files with .prefilled
    347 files with *.prj
    345 files with *.static
    344 files with *.success
    317 files with *.targets
    100 files with *.urls_done
    208 file with *.verify

    there are 3 files with a strange ending like


  • @oil I guess you need to show the file size too, not only number of files.
  • oki like that?

  • SvenSven
    That looks good to me. I don't see any memory usage problems on the size of the projects :(
  • When i transfered all the stuff to the new VPS i backed up all settings via options, and restored it on the fresh install

    As for the projects i made a backup of All projects, and imported them later ...

    i guessed thats was the way to do it anyways, i didnt touch the AppData directories thou, just with the normal in program backup and restore functions i did all,

    i guess i will do a whole backup of all, and delete all projects, and start to put a whole new project there, and see if its still happens

    besides that i tried pretty much anything, i lowered the threads to 100 and still had the OOM error, i put all projects to inactive and had only 10 projects running, after some stime also OOM

    i am really running out of ideas what else i could try, it was running awesome on old VPS thou, i contacted the VPS provider regarding this already, and he said its same software he uses, its just a newer cpu

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