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Askmebot Around Anymore?

It's silly that I should have to revert to this as an attempt to contact someone on their staff, but it's been 5 days since my order and no one will respond to my ticket that I placed on your site. I can't seem to receive the signup email with my password, nor for the same
reason (probably mail server block) use password recovery. I've tried offering an alternative email in my ticket. My username is dpeek, my paypal transaction ID
was 5G227684LP9715415.

You'll find my ticket was placed last Friday (there's no ticket # provided). Please respond to it.


  • MrXMrX Germany
    Same question for me here, trying to contact them for weeks ...
  • same issue, though it was a tech problem I submitted a ticket about to them
  • for sure we need a better service,having lots of troubles with them.
  • edited June 2013
    The problems continue. Finally got my api soon after making this post non-coincidental I'm sure... I ran GSA for only two hours, saw some unusual captcha failure responses in the logs, tested the api again in options, and I get "Error in API. Please contact support." which of course I've just done. We'll see how quick they respond, your timeline of "weeks" is concerning though.
  • Im getting it too on the API issue.

    they are always up and down it seems
  • AskMeBot support responded to my support request approx 12 hours ago. I have the same API error though and have since logged another ticket.
  • Am I missing a way to see/show that the tool is actually doing something?

    Is there somewhere in GSA I can look to see the questions and answers?

    I'd like to somehow know it's actually doing something...

  • dpeek 
    Take pleasure knowing once you get it working you will have absolutely no idea if it's working or doing anything at all except saying your API link is functioning. 

  • there is a counter for askmebot in the status bar if you haven't notice this yet.
  • Thanks Ozz, 
    I asked them that question and no reply.. I take it it's the third number here? 

    @ozz So I can see what was sent, but not what, if anything was actually solved?
    If that is the case, not of any more use really than knowing your API link is working IMO.

    Am I missing a way to see more info?

  • Hey @ozz

    Referring to bigmark's screenshot, do you know what each number represents? It's unclear to me aswell :\
  • 1st service | 2nd service | AMB
  • Yea I dont know about this service. I signed up cuz SER is such a sick app I thought this service would be ok. Within 15 minutes of using it my API is saying I am running it on more then 1 machine and to try again in 30 minutes. I only have GSA on 1 VM but I am running with proxies. I think the proxies are the reason I am getting the error. 
  • SvenSven
    proxies are not used for communicating with AMB, must be something else on your end.
  • warbux
    I had recently same problem/error message = sent support and clarified
    the reason for that error to occur and block your API is you use/change your IP when you run on different IPs /proxies (me different ISP)
    If I understood the support reply correct, if more than 3 IPs within a few minutes - block API for 30 minutes

    I run on 5 different ISP thus with changing IPs on daily basis

    avoid using proxies for AMB and change less IPs if changing ISP
    AMP seems to run fine
  • using proxies with AMB does not make sense. Why would SER use proxies?
  • hey guys using AMB... this number in GSA counter indicates how many request where send to AMB or how many where correct?

    My question is not at all pointless because when I started my SER today I saw AMB counter going up, but no info in log
    I always see in log if question is not answerable etc. but nothing that says it is correct

    anyone know sth about it?
  • SvenSven
    indicates the number of sent requests
  • thx for confirmation ;)
  • So if I want to count success rate I have to count number of 'question not answerable' and subtract it from gsa counter :D
  • SvenSven
    yep but even than you don't know if the answer given by AMB was correct (though I guess it is).
  •   I've communicated with them few days ago . Support were good(I've got what i wanted) and fast . API is working . 
  • i dont think askmebot is really work as better as they claim 
    they cant even solve simple answer like what planet we live , what is sky color , who is the president of america and yet there website state they have team to add new answers if they really works in that way these are the simplest answers it would be
  • so sad... a service which success rate cannot be estimated...
    for me $10 dollars makes a difference... ie. another package of proxies or DBC
    for now I am using it because "other use"
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I would suggest that a few of us get together. We save these text captchas, hire a VA who solves them and build up a database ourselves.
  • I appreciate Askmebot service
  • Yeah... we need the answers sent in to a database and then be updated with SER. I know @Sven didn't want to do it because the askmebot team asked him not to or something but their support is ridiculous. Plus we don't even know what they're really solving.
  • I did a small test filtering with notepadd, from 100 questions I got 87 x not able to solve.. not really convinced. Sample size might be small ,but still.
  • Soon  we are going to start a similar and much better service stay tuned i will announce beta here and when we able to take beta testers from here
  • @Spamvilla. That will be great and I will defintely sign up
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