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WTB, looking for improved engine scripts

Hi guys! maybe somebody want to share, or sell improved Drupal engine script, and shownews script?

Or maybe you know somebody who can code this? 

Pm me!


  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    nevermind. i missed the word "improved" in my original answer.
  • Ozz, maybe you can help here? Custom zenno templates, or Xrumer mods works with Drupal better :(
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    i tried to script "Drupal - Blog Comment with Registration" a couple of times but i failed as its a massive CMS with all kind of settings that i don't know to debug correctly. or do you mean just "Drupal - Blog"? if you know sites that are allowing blogs but doesn't work in SER than collect this sites and sent example to Sven so he can improve the script.
    for me personally "Drupal - Blog" is the top performer for contextual backlinks, but i use a set of custom captcha definition which might help a bit ;)

    regarding shownews a member of this board said today that its not working that good anymore because it was spammed to death. but if you know working sites that needs improvements than send them to Sven.
    edited June 2013

    i have a nice list of shownews, i'm parsing like hell near 10kk urls per day. i dont have a troubles with this. 

    But for T1 i have only 5k clear dofollow domains,(millions of sites parsed) this is too small amount, drupal sites will help a lot.

    I know that Drupal is massive CMS, but for articles it is really really good for T1. i'm using CB only for T2, T3, kitchen sink levels. For T1 i'm using antigate. 

    P.S @Ozz maybe you will be interested in exchange of lists? 

  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    sorry, no interest in sharing.

    out of curiosity. why don't you use CB for T1 as well as i don't see any disadvantage in this?? its way faster than any human solving service (= higher submission speed overall), costs nothing and your are able to send particular captchas like recaptcha or mollom directly to 2nd services if needed.
  • Sure CB, first service, antigate second. But in general for T1 i'm spending money because results doubles with antigate. 

    So getting back. Looking for scripts or programmer who can improve Drupal and or shownews engine

  • I am interested in this also, but I thought on previous thread, it stated that GSA can already post on shownews engine without issues? (That was back 3-4 months ago). Did anything change?
  • You can post on shownews, but it is overspammer by now(
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