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Removing Footprints that Cause Proxy Bans

So I know there's been a lot of debate about certain footprints resulting in fast proxy bans, for example: "inurl:" and "site:"

I've had tons of problems with proxies so far, and am considering removing all footprints from the engines I'm using that could result in proxy blocks (mainly the two listed above).   Has any one done this or experimented with this?  I've burned through 50 shared private proxies in less than 2 weeks (mainly b/c I didn't understand what I was doing), and want to make sure I do everything right with the 10 dedicated private ones I'm starting with tomorrow. 


  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    i suggest to do a SE mod to not use "inurl:" or any unwanted operators.

    1) create a file called "user_se.dat" in %appdata%/GSA Search Engine Ranker and open it with your text editor (make sure its the admin folder with your appdata)
    2) open the file called "se.dat" with a text editor which you find in the installation directory of SER
    3) copy/paste all SEs you like to use from "se.dat" to "user_se.dat"
    4) rename the SEs in your new file to whatever you want like [#Google Custom#]
    5) get rid of the lines where it says "inurl=inurl:", ...
    6) save all changes and restart SER
    7) select your custom SEs in your projects
    8) done. SER shouldn't use those search terms anymore*

    * @Sven needs to confirm this though

    PS: as you are using shared Proxies this may not helping you as you don't know what your sharing partners are doing with those proxies
  • Hi @Ozz.  Thanks a lot, I will try this.  

    And yes tomorrow I move to dedicated private proxies, I am very excited.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    "5) get rid of the lines where it says "inurl=inurl:", ..."

    Can this be confirmed that removing that will stop ser from using those queries?

    I think I want to also remove them because of proxy bans. 
  • I will not be that confident about removing footprints would help to last your proxies. About 3 weeks ago I started noticing this issue too with my shared proxies were banned...all 50 of them. If I stopped SER for 1-2 hours, they are coming back every time.

    I did an experiment for a week running with just Google RND and unchecked custom time between quires - no issues with proxies. Then I started adjust custom time again and proxies were getting banned again. So I'm not that sure that certain footprints would get your proxies banned faster. 

    At the moment I'm using @Ozz random SE method with about 30 SEs in each spin for Google and Yahoo.      
  • Yes, I wanted to implement Ozz's method also.  @system0102 - your results are interesting.  The problem is you are using shared proxies, and you don't know what the other people are doing with their proxies.  It's possible you got banned because of something they were doing.  It's also possible they came back to life b/c the other people using them thought they were dead and gave up on them for good.   
  • edited June 2013
    That's possible, idk. I tested several times. Every timeI have custom time 10-30 sec proxies got banned within 1-2 hours and as I stopped SER and waited for an hour or two they came back and working fine without custom time. Just my observation. 
  • Well yes when you do not check the "custom time" box it defaults to 60 seconds, which is what Sven recommends to avoid your proxies getting banned. 
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