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[GET] SERTools v0.1 List Edit Tool

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 i wrote a little tool that automates the progres ...


Example usage:

1) choose folder with your keyword files
2) click button "Generate Spintax Files"
3) it generates spintax syntax files from your keyword files

the button "Remove Duplicates" removes all duplicate entries inside a file

Get It Here updated download link

the real download button at zippyshare is this one


You need to have .NET4 installed !

Hope it's usefull for ya too .. will add some more features by the time ,)


  • Thanks for the share, you can do this at too ;)
  • Little Update:

    - Split Files : Splits all text files inside selected directory at the entered amount of lines

    Download SERTools v0.11 here

  • Thanks for this bro! :-bd
  • Very useful . Good job!
  • Hey, thanks for the tool! Everything works for me, except the Generate Spintax Files button. When I click it, nothing happens. 
  • Select the Load Folder a second time and then select Generate Spintax Files. This worked for me.
  • nice you find the tool helpfull ,) .. oh at the moment it workes like this ...

    1) Click Load Folder ... this selects the folder with your files and reads them into a list for quick access
    2) Click the action you want to perform ...

    the file list stays the same as long as you don't click load folder again .
  • nice name :)
  • edited June 2013
    Great little tool @KayKay!  Thank you! :)
  • Where can i locate the keywords folder please ?
  • @KayKay how the duplicates remover works? I ask because When I check the final file I still see the same words but just with different cases. For example, "czech" and "CZech" are the same. 
  • @system0102 .. it only removes exact matches for now .. i may add a few more things when i got time ,)
  • @KayKay anyway..good stuff man  >:)
  • :) thx when i make some updates when i got time i will post them here
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @KayKay - is there chance you could modify it a little so that it can:
    1) Check how many indexed results in Google for a keyword - so we can remove keywords that don't have many results in Google.
    2) Measure the overlap between a base set of 10 keywords and the rest? I.e. is you measure the results generated by 10 keywords, is there a way to measure how many extra unique results a keyword generates and set a threshold for this? I.e. let's say you use 10 keywords and they all generate unique results. (10 000 results). If you add an extra keyword how many unique results will it add? Basically we need a way to remove keywords that generate a high % of duplicate results. I still haven't found a solution to this!

    (This would be most useful with the above!) 
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    wtf AlexR??! thats a "tiny" but very usefull spintax tool and not a scraper- or database analysis tool.
    regarding 1) --> use scrapebox for that ("Google Competition Finder" addon)

    @KayKay: *thumbs up* well done
    any chance to do it the other way around and unspin multi-level spin files and put each "unspin" in one line? i know the multi-level unspining complicate things much and if its to painful to code than i'm not angry with you :D
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Ozz - I'm no coder! :-) Not sure what's easy and what's hard. Just wanted to discuss the idea. 

    Thanks for pt1. Will try SB. 
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    i'm no coder too, but i think its not so hard to see a difference in what KayKays tool does and what you were asking "to modify it a little".
  • hmmm @AlexR that would come in the PRO version ,) ... i code on when i got a bit time again .. and @Ozz will check for that too
  • thank you for the tool!
  • edited July 2013
    Implemented already a few more features ...


    i think i give out a free version (less features, no batch processing ...) and a pro version for a very low price hope thats ok ,)

  • I cant find the download link for 1.12?
  • MrXMrX Germany
    Where to get the new version of it ?
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