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Captcha Drain


It usually takes about 2000 captchas solved a day. But after 6.10 update, i got this and drain my DBC balance too much!
Anyone experience the same?


  • No. Use Captcha Breaker instead
  • SvenSven
    As long as you see CaptchaBreaker being used for solving I don't see why it should be different than on versions before.
  • I use captcha sniper for 1st option and DBC for 2nd. Maybe there is conflict with CS after latest update? Or should i really use CaptchaBreaker than CS? Thanks.
  • SvenSven
    Well thats up to you but with CS you always have the problem that there speed is lower, success rate is lower, updates are less (on a new platform I also add the captcha solution to CB where CS needs ages), and it's unstable and working with IE in the background (yes they use InternetExplorer for there GUI - so much about security).
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    you should at least consider to buy CB if its in your budget. i don't think you will regret this.
    reason for this is that its not only the better product imo. but you have also more options how to use your DBC credits for it, as you are able to just send particular captchas (like recaptcha only) to your 2nd service.

    however, there are many people who pass on 2nd services completely and just use one of the captcha tools. you might also consider that option as 2nd services slow down your submission rate a lot.

    Edit: I think you had just bad luck with many sites that were using recaptcha, mollom and other unsolvable captchas and that isn't an issue with SER or CS by itself.
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