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How many proxies & email?

How many proxies do I need to be safe from ban? and how many email accounts would I need?


  • proxies depends on your how many links you like to submit per day. start small with 10 and add more if you think its necessary.

    email accounts i suggest 10 per project and swap them out regularly like every week or so.
  • I got like private proxy and one project on, but my email account is in stop spam forum and/or bot scout in 2-3hours is there any automated function so i can change my emails like 2-3hours automaticly??
  • don't post to forums if you don't want to be blacklisted. or just don't care and swap emails whenever you feel like its necessary ;)
  • Or you could harvest public proxies and use those to post to forums, along with some throw away email addresses.  Think I'll use this method for one hour/day so I can get forum posts. 
  • If I use it for blog commenting how many proxies is recommended?
  • I dont use proxies for posting but just mean i gotta post all in one day before i get banned blacklisted ip...
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