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New captcha found - need help fast!

Hi guys,

I've engaged with this captcha :


The GSA CB doesnt recognize it as any known type of captcha.

I'm running and re-running Brute force for a few days on a row, and the maximum it gives me is the following :

Engine: vShare (type u104)
New Success Rate : 22.50%

-shave 5x5
-scale 200%
-blur 0x2
-unsharp 0x5
-keep-color 000000x
-segment 40
-blur 0x1
-unsharp 0x5
-threshold 54.5%
-blur 0x1
-unsharp 0x5
-shace 1x1
-scale 99%

Thaose are the best ersults i managed to get through 1000 samples simulation.

If you guys can offer any thing that will get in hand, i will be greatfull,

Its really urgent!

Thanks in advance.


  • without neither a sample size nor sample urls its just a guessing game.
  • Sorry, i thought it showed the path through the pics properties :

    this is the 1000 samples i've made brute force simulation on :

  • SvenSven
    64% success rate. There is not much room for anything better as it's just a 2bit image and the dust is really heavy on some variations.
  • Thank you Sven and Ozz , 

    As always, you guys are doing a tremendous job!

    I appreciate the effort.

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