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Check if Email is Blacklisted

I know this has probably been discussed many times. I've been slowly updating myself on all the stuff one needs to know about when using GSA. One thing I need some help in is regarding the email blacklist. While I'll be reading some threads relating to this issue, I would also appreciate if some people would respond here and just give me a summary (so that I'm not missing anything important) regarding the email blacklist thing. I have a few questions:

1) How do I check if email is blacklisted?
2) How often do I need to check this?
3) We can now input more than one email. What is the purpose of this?
4) I see a very active thread on the Account Creator +. What does this program do and if I get it, how does it overcome the problem above and would I then not need to check if emails are blacklisted?



  • SvenSven

    1) double click on the project->go to email accounts tab->click blacklist check

    2) depends on your "lpm" I would say. Once a week maybe or every day!? I don't care about that at all.

    3) to limit the chance of being blacklisted as a random email is used. If you import like 100 there the chance that your email is getting blacklisted is 100 times smaller than using just one email.

    4) It creates you email addresses that you can use in our program.

  • Thanks Sven,

    1) So if we put like 100 emails in the program, it will just select one for each submission randomly right? I guess some people put so many in each project so they can use the project for a long time right?

    2) What is the difference between buying hotmails from other websites and using the account creator software? Besides the fact that in the long run it will be cheaper buying that account creator if you use lots of emails, is there any other differences? Thanks.
  • 100 emails per project are not recommended as SER needs to check each email account for verification which slows submission rate down. just take ~10 email accounts per project.
  • SvenSven

    1) yes

    2) no difference than the once you figured out already.

  • People use account creators because they just want exclusive accounts. If we buy accounts from sellers, does anyone change passwords after buying? So well, there's possibilities that the seller will actually re-sell the accounts for other users. So accounts created by ourselves, we just know they are safe and exclusive.

    So there are 2 reasons imho, exclusive and cheaper for the long run.

    Also if you have time to monitor all the projects, you should use just 1 email and check this after 100k submission/20k verified, in my case 99% will already be blacklisted, to get better LPM. If you don't have time to monitor it then importing 100 emails would be just fine to lower the blacklist chance.
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