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Low Thread Counts

AlexRAlexR Cape Town

I have noticed that that once my lower tier projects targets are reached, and set Active (P) the remaining projects are generally my T0 contextual projects. On the VPS I have about 15 of these T0 contextual projects. 

BUT I noticed that my thread count drops to the floor! Like 2 to 3. 

When I have my other projects active it sits at 150 to 200 thread count, until those targets are reached, but when only the contextual projects remain the thread count drops. 

What I then did, was only select these T0 contextual projects and only run these for 24 hours and watched the thread count. I noticed that it remained at 2 to 3 threads even when it wasn't even close to reaching the daily targets! So there is no reason for the thread count to be so low as it's not meeting the daily link requirements! 

I also have 47 proxies, so the minimum it should be running is at least 47 threads especially while it's not reaching the link targets. 


  • maybe only few target URLs to post to.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    That's what I thought initially. But if there are too few targets, why is it not allocating more threads to find more targets to post to? 
    Surely the thread count should increase so that it can get through the keywords or footprints quicker and then say "no more targets" or "all keywords used". This is what I don't understand. This is why I think there is a logic bug here. 

    Surely it should at least be running at 1 thread per proxy (provided it hasn't met daily submission requirements), so it should at least be at 47 threads until the number of required submissions < no. of proxies. 
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