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SEO Content Machine - anyone using it?



  • SCM beats the pants off of KM imo. I use it.
  • Ok I just cancelled my KM subscription and looking to sign up for SCM however there is no lifetime license, I only see yearly and monthly. Were you referring to the yearly license?
  • I like the SEO Content Machine, too. Do you offer a lifetime license?

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    I have just read your reply @peterperseo. If you are truly interested in the Spanish market, you should take a look to ESPinner, which is a Spanish spinner, the first and unique one in its class. I run it and, even though we are still finishing our BETA testing, in all honesty and with all the respect, the other English spinners with non-English thesaurus, do a really bad job with those languages. It´s currently integrated into GSA and SCM also, and you can try it for free if interested.
  • @Peisithanatos Thank you very much for the news, I will try it!
    I had horrible results with Wordai Foreign Languages...
  • SEO Content Machine rocks.  nice tool
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    SCM is the best for people who rank small niches (probably the only content scraper for small niches). For example KM for the keyword "roblox" (video game) it would return articles about blackjack (wut?? you retarded bro?). Not everyone is ranking payday loans or dog training.
  • As mentioned, SCM is the ONLY tool that supports small niches properly.

    If you are writing amazon review sites, then SCM is perfect for you as review keywords give you lots of awesome content to use.

    Eg, "GTA V review"

    See how many other content generators can find content for such a laser targeted keyword!

    The more laser targeted you are, the less competition you have, means = easier to rank = easier to make money.
  • Yeah I'm not trying to promote people or anything but SEO Content Machine SCM is dam good.    I have used many others,  The other  Kontent machine etc...  People need to try it it is a big difference than most content software.      

    Even with just the 3 day trial you can harvest thousands upon Thousands of articles and have them all rewritten with your API.  It only thakes a few minutes to have thousands of unique articles if you use the proper settings.

    Another guy talked about this about a year ago.  I need it to find all cities and States and replace them with What I want.  I wish it had this feature  because it grabs lots of local regional content. I'm trying to do this with PHP right now,  Somehow but it has to search through a large database of states and cities and also compare from a large Database of Articles.  I do not Think That this is possible to do with PHP.    
  •  I use SCM, it works fine and process is simple. Also using neuro-flash for high-quality content (for tier 2). Tried article forge, but it doesn't support bulk article writing in languages exept english. So, scm is good for mass article writing, but you should use it with spinner in order to get uniquness.
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