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SEO Content Machine - anyone using it?

Anyone using SEO Content Machine - how does it differ from Kontent Machine, ACW, WAC?



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    I have used it it is very similar to the others you mentioned.  I liked it the least of all of them but that is personal preference I guess.  If you are going to pay a monthly fee get kontent machine. I used to pay for kontent machine but now that I have ACW and WAC I dropped it.  They are both capable of producing just as good of content as the others and exporting to GSA and the one time fee is great.
  • ambition, I have got all three - KM, ACW and WAC. I got KM on a one time fee when it was available (wouldn't pay monthly) - more expensive than the other two of course. I use KM the most. It seems the easiest to use. But I'll be using all three soon - diversification is always good. I guess from what you mentioned, SEO Content Machine doesn't bring anything new to the table.
  • I haven't tried content foundry you may look into that.  Also scrapebox has a free article scraper now and also a paid one that I would like to have a look at.  Can't get enough content.  :)

  • Interesting. Godoveryou from here wrote a testimonial. The websites looks very attractive and professional. Godoveryou, could you tell us what you think about it?

    I don't like the monthly fee though. But if it's much better, then why not. I'd like to know if any programs can give a much better way of doing content than the three programs i have.
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    Yeah I am always looking for better ways.  WAC 3.0 Beta3 is out now with a tier1 module if you haven't heard about it.  Kontent Machine is by far the easiest to make a GSA SER campaign with the least amount of clicks, but I like more control over the content.  I'd like to hear feedback on the paid scrapebox article scraper if anyone has used it.

  • We use SCM as this is best tool to create good content with template system and possibility to scrape from any source in any language. If you create articles only for GSA SER and only in english, sure You can use cheaper software. Try harvest chinese comments to post in to chinese edu sites with any other tool ;)
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    I have tried WAC, ACW, KM and SEO Content Machine and, for me, SCM is the better. Let me explain the reasons why:

    As a Spanish SEO, I am promoting Spanish websites and there is no single content creator in Spanish (don´t ask me why: I cannot understand it). So, my options were very limited: get some content from another language, English for instance, and translate it to Spanish, which is not great because there are also only bad thesauri on my language.

    But, with SEO Content Machine you have unlimited sources of content as it supports custom sources, so you can get articles from any single language out there. Not only Article Directories, but also websites, niche blogs or whatever you want. So... I scrape some blogs, get a hundred of articles, and then mix them all with the awesome new Article Creator from SCM 3 (which is in BETA): fresh, well-written and unique content, spun at the paragraph and sentence level. There is no other option for me, as it is the only autocontent software that has the option to include custom sources. A small niche? I don´t care! I just look for some blogs about it, grab those URLs and use the "site content finder" option, which is an article downloader.

    And I even got it with a huge lifetime discount, so my vote goes for SCM, without any doubt. And Timothy, the developer, is nearly as kindly as Sven, he is always making it better with new additions!
  • ambition, what does WAC Tier 1 module do? I'd be interested to know. I have WAC but haven't used it in a while. Always had some problems with it.

    Regarding the any language thing, that is definitely a plus point and something to look into since I do want to look into other languages. Where do I get the huge lifetime discount?

  • I do not know if it is still alive, but I got a lifetime license for $147 instead of $297. Try this coupon: "lifetime".
  • Peisithanatos, Spinner Tools of SCM work with Spanish? other languages than English?
  • @jonathanjon - he has built a private database to scrape tier1 content from - check out the thread on bhw and there is a link to download the beta:

    Somewhere around there.  The module is free in beta but will cost like $10 one time fee once it is released.  It's not perfect yet but not bad.

    I will probably purchase the scrapebox addon at some point, the video looks pretty good.
  • @cnhx it works if you have a custom thesaurus because there is no API avaliable in Spanish at the moment. I have heard that ChimpRewriter is working on it but... how knows? You can plug in your synonyms database and SCM will replace them.
  • @semlab how do you use it with SER?  Are you saving one article as an SER template and then importing it into SER, or can you save multiple spun articles and and use the macros?
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    @davbel You can do it in both ways.
  • "SEO Content Machine doesn't bring anything new to the table."

    SCM is the only content scraper that supports using your own custom sites. It is also the only one that works with languages other than english. (If this is important to you)

    I'm not sure about the others but SCM now has its own scheduler. You can create any type of task once and set it to run automatically.

    SCM has a content detection algo which almost guarantees that you will find content no matter how small your niche is. This has been well documented by users of SCM on other forums. I routinely test SCM on small keywords like "Simcity 5" so that I can ensure people can find content no matter how narrow their niche.

    Nothing more annoying than not finding content, finding irrelevant content etc

    "Not enough content" was a real killer for me, so SCM is about letting any user find content with the least amount of sophistication.
  • scm, that sounds great. I'm hoping to check it out. I already have KM, WAC and ACW. The other languages is good for my future - i'm not doing other languages yet - but eventually. But one thing that is interesting is the scheduler which is great.

    Does it add contextual links like Kontent Machine? Also, what programs are there support for? Does it do Social bookmarks, etc? Auto Bio?

    Is there a free trial and discount?

  • Hi @jonathajon

    Let me answer:

    Yes, it adds contextual links if you like you. SCM supports UD, MS, GSA and SENuke, as far as I know. It does not have social bookmarks but it has author bio generator.
  • I just noticed SCM has a new major version in beta - v3.  I will definitely want to re-evaluate it.
  • Any of you guys have experience for Scrapbox Article Scraper? Was curious as I'm quite interested in purchasing it. It can post to web 2.0s too (our own blogs so less efforts) so that's pretty solid too.

  • I''ve been adding videos so that ppl can see what kind of things SCM can do.

    I'm trying to add a new one every day.
  • is there no lifetime license?
  • SCM can scrape and generate content for small niche ! that best part so far.

    Also they are updating and features to the tool which looks promising.Def to give a shot
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    This seems the most appropriate thread. From trying SCM I like what I see coming from KM. But how do people handle links? Should I just put %url% and %anchor_text% in their respective fields like in KM or should I use the token field for %link% or something?
  • @Peisithanatos
    Really interesting information Peisithanatos!
    Me too I'm interested of spanish and another not-english languge (italian). I have IAW (that can scrape content in not-english languages, but with very poor results for quantity) and KM3 (that don't support not-english languages). I will try SCM in the future.

    About spinning tools, I own TBS that in his webpage is written that it can spin spanish and many other languages, but it's completely a lie. TBS can do it ONLY if I build by myself a custom thesaurus (!!).

    Anyway, it seems that WORDAI is good for spanish (and italian), the developers guaranteed it to me. I will try it very soon hoping it's not the same promise as the one of TBS. Any new information you and anyone have about spinning in spanish language is really welcome :-)
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    I learned of SCM from this thread. Only tried the trial but plan to buy it.
    Very easy to work with!
  • I purchased KM this week, but I'm not satisfied at all for the results.
    It scrapes very different topics for the same keyword, if the keyword have 2 or more words.

    I was reading about SCM, that it has a "learning mode", where there is a "Junk Word" filtering. It sounds well, any experience about it @cefege ?
  • scmscm
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    SCM now has direct support within GSA SER. SCM has good filtering engine for finding content. Try the 5 day trial, you will be surprised at the content it can find. With a bit of tweaking using "Junk Words" you can have content for anything. Also new content wizard mode released today... 5 click system to get you eased into content creation!
  • Thanks @scm, since 2 days I'm already using the 5 days trial. Excelent content creator!
  • So I just started using SEO content machine, mostly because I couldn't find a deal on KM... I guess their 40% discount recently ended. 

    Anyway, it is really easy to use, and it exports in GSA format, so in GSA SER, I have just been using the import function on the project.

    To answer @bellcross , I've just been using a dummy url and keyword, and when I import to GSA, I do not select that I want to import keyword or url, and I let GSA put in it's keywords and urls I put in GSA.  The links seem to be getting created okay.

    I did try out KM as well. Seems either did what I needed which was tier 2 links, so for this task, both worked well but there is a coupon out there to get SCM for 197$. The code I used was " VERSION3 "
  • @marckolius Thanks for the Code, you helped me save a lot of money.
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