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Is This A Bug?

1) Getting Captcha skipped by settings (LOTS OF THEM) in Captcha Breaker.  

2) However, it should skip nothing according to my settings.


So why is it saying skipped by settings? 
Am I missing something?


  • In CB under the column "Captcha Type" make sure Recaptcha and all captchas you DON'T want to skip have been selected (checked).
  • edited June 2013
    DERP... I missed the most obvious place to look...

    It used to say say sent to captcha service or something like that on the ones skipped,
    it's not saying that since the last update (I think).

    I hope they are still being sent, the new pay meter on the right side is not working.
    Maybe I am missing something else still.

  • what are you trying to accomplish with CB and SER?

    are you trying
    a) to send all captchas to 2nd service that didn't past the 4 solving attempts of 1st service
    b) just send particular captchas like recaptcha to 2nd service when 1st service couldn't solve the captcha
  • I'm still used to using the other version of Captcha Sniper and was not aware that I could send difficult captcha's directly to service. 

    Got my coffee and thinking clearly It's all working as it should now :)
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