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Share your expierence using GSA and results!

Hi Guys,

I'm pretty new to the tool, I've been using it on and off and would like to ask any of the forum members if they would care to share their experiences in ranking sites in Google using solely GSA.

It would be rude for me to ask this and not share my own results so far so here I go. I currently have an ongoing project for a website targeting a slots game in the UK which is fairly competitive and so far I have managed to get the site to 7th and it now sits 8th. I used an operator i promote on the site as the secondary keyword and my site has got to 7th which is the last spot on a brand related serp.

Basically I just created a small website and set up the project to post to blog comments and trackbacks, I read a few posts and tweaked a few things to get my Lpm up, its now around the 25 mark and i only have one project running.

GSA was killing my laptop so i bought a new desktop for it and have it on continuously now. Ive decided to dedicate a lot more time to learning the tool and have learned how to scrape relevant blogs tonight :)

If anyone else would like to share their experience then that would be great! I do have some reservations about using the tool to get to a top 3 spot for some highly competitive terms so i think i will target some low hanging fruit to start off with!

Also it seems my gsa site has escaped the recent google penguin update plus the update/refresh that was rolled out yesterday which is a bonus!



  • SvenSven
    GSA is the name of the company. We have other products than just GSA Search Engine Ranker.
  • Hi Sven,

    Yes i am aware you have other products, I have the your indexer, when I said my GSA site I meant it as in a website that i have solely used GSA for ranking  purposes. Im happy to see my site has so far escaped a manual and algo penalty using this software :)


  • what Sven meant is that GSA is the name of the company and the product you are talking about is called SER (Search Engine Ranker) ;)
  • Ohh I see! Im pretty new to all this, I'll be sure to use the correct abbreviations going forwards! Anyway care to share any experiences using SER?

  • 5 comments and not a single answer. Reminds me a lot of BHW.
  • Thanks Greenwillow , yes i have read it before. Ive not got a tiered project set up on my current project, im pointing all links to my money site. I understand this is more dangerous and could get me a penalty but so far ive escaped any action from either the algo or manual.

    Ive started scraping the links using the predetermined footprints but when i add these to a project my lpm drops and cpu usage is %1 and it slows right the way down, im thinking it may be becasue most of the list is already verified and SER is posting my link to them. Im not too sure though.

    Do you want to share anything Greenwillow ?
  • as @Greenwillow showed you the right direction regarding your topic i just want to give you some tips for beginners.

    1) read the "Compiled list of Tips..." thread which is on top of this board. basically you find everything in it you need to know

    2) read all the guides/manuals that come with SER. you'll find them when you click the 'Help' menu button in SER

    3) if you are unsure about a feature or like to knew something specific use Google with following search term first: SEARCH TERM
  • Not to be arrogant or sth but I really recommend to read through all basic threads
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    @totalodds I would suggest doing tiered linking.... It is much easier to generate T3 links and quicker than T1. And it is a good safety net.

    Results? Well pre-Penguin 2.0 I was doing great. I had 10-15 KWs in top 5 on Google. Now I have about 7-8. Trying to get them back. No number 1 position yet as there is a big authority site always ranking there for hundreds of keywords.
  • Startrip thanks i will continue my reading. Im new to this form of seo and am eager to learn how to use these tool to their full potential.

    spunko2010 thanks for sharing! My site survived penguin but im seeing a lot of sites being wiped out but some hanging on. The serps for my niche are in a bad state and heavily spammed. I hope you get your rankings back!

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