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GSA suddenly stopped seeing CS X4

I don't know where the problem lies...
Today I was testing some shitty softwares to make hotmail accounts and searching for proxies
after this I restarted my server... since then, gsa cannot connect to captcha sniper...
i feel hopeless cuz don't know what to do...

anybody meet that problem?


  • strange thing is.... it still works with X3
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    not sure if this is related to SER, but i suggest to uninstall CS completely from your machine and reinstall again. JUST MAKE SURE to make a backup of your "captchasniper.lic" first. 

    maybe your e-mail software has modified something on your machine which is relevant for CS.
  • I decided to install it in another location - fortunately that helped me
    again works like a charm ;)
    thanks for help again :)
  • i feel sorry for all the lost souls that have to use CS though ;)
  • edited June 2013
    I bought it recently and don't have much time to find which is better
    bought cs cuz I know X4 was to be released, and that's all :) ok... it is cheaper :P
  • Heh I just compared both over a week period and CB leaves CS in the dust it's not even close.  I'm broke at the moment but if anyone needs work done I will work for Captcha Breaker!  :)

  • GSA is applauded that you even have CS x4 on the same machine as it :)
  • It's clapping?  Haha.
  • LOL - auto correct fail...

    My Ipad really does not like this forum :(
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