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No Engine Matches with No Pr Filter, No OBL,proxies checked, logs posted

Hey guys,

Could of sworn I did everything right but there's always a little hiccup. Getting a million page end and no engine matches. I also ran in debug mode to see whats up. I did some research on the forum and couldn't see a solution for the no engine matches line. As far as page end I would have to swap out SEs I suppose.

Email not blacklisted, I checked my proxies on this search string... "global and String: HTTP_CLIENT_IP.  I get completely different results for both smh. Not sure what to do with that. Emailed and of course they say it isn't the proxies.

Heres everything







  • "no engine matches" just means that no URL of the search results are matching any engine you have selected for your project.
    as you have selected engines that are more or less limited by frequency you get lots of other URLs that SER has no use for.
  • Need to check the box for Search Engines also.
  • @Ozz , does that mean pick more platforms? Will that help? Did I select too few of platforms???

    @dab.. I will do just that
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    @Ozz I guess Im trying to ask whats the solution? Just pick more platforms or just deal with it. It fills the log up I tell ya. I only selected those few bcuz I read here that only quality  go right to the money site. Maybe Im expecting the submissions to be tooo high for such few platforms eh?
  • OzzOzz
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    first you should check your submission and verification stats to see which engines are working well for you. uncheck those which are not working well (most Web20s comes in mind), are limited by nature (because there are not many sites using that script) or you aren't able to post to because of captchas, etc.

    which engines and platforms you are using in the end is up to you then.
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