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pagerank check frequency

I have maybe serious problem... I have project set to skip pages with subdomain PR < 3
I think gsa skips some of websites on my lists because pagerank = n/a
which obviously is not true - for example, I can't make account on because PR=n/a
how can I help myself with this? is there any way to change it by hand? is it possible to tell gsa - check this url again for PR?


  • propably your proxies are banned from PR checking, so you get lots of PR N/As.

    to re-check PR on sites you have to make sure that your IPs are not banned for PR checking and 'delete target history' for retry.
  • I suppose that this is the problem, but... what if GSA test proxies - tells me that they are working and then in log I see "BLOCK" 
    who can I trust now?
  • the proxies are working (= alive) isn't the same as they are banned from something.
  • yup, but I thought that gsa is testing them against not only for dead/alive but also banned/not banned.

    when testing them against bing - everyone passes
    when testing them against google - everyone fails

    what can it mean? I use dedicated buyproxies and publicproxies (but not banned, checked via scrapebox)
  • OzzOzz
    edited June 2013
    that means that your proxies are banned from google and as this test failed they are marked as dead.
  • but they are not! I use them in scrapebox with no problem (harvest, pr check). That's why I am asking about it.... I'm not lame about proxies ;)
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