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Import Verified URL's from site list or Check "verified" in global options in project options?

So if I want to use the the verified url's from my site lists, I have 2 options:

A) Check "verified" in global options in project options

B) Use the new feature: import verified urls into a project

Is there any difference between the 2?


  • SvenSven
    The difference is that B goes faster as it imports all of them in one batch and the project will go through them from line 1 to th end. The other will pick an URL randomly and might take significant longer to proceed all URLs. Though the solution from A is picking newly added URLs from other projects as well.
  • Thanks for the clarification Sven. That is good to know.

    1 more question :-)

    If I wanted to run a project that used only global site lists, but not use keywords at all, is that possible?

    If one does not fill in the keyword field in a project, then it cannot be saved, so is there a work around?
  • SvenSven
    Well just put some dummy thing there like "website" and it makes SER happy to continue ;)
  • Ok, lets see if I got this right: :D

    So if i did put the word "website" in the keyword field, then I import my verified global site list, and then I actually start the project - will GSA first run through the verified global list FIRST before it starts scraping for the keyword "website"?

  • Darren, you can deselect all search engines and then SER will only run your site list.
  • Brilliant - Thanks Brumnick - a perfect solution
  • so what should I do if I want to firstly:
    1. use verified list - B)
    2. after processing verified - make gsa search for new targets 

    If I don't select to use verified in project options it means it will not use 'newly' find verified targets?
  • That is what I was thinking to. I am going to do this.

    1. Use Brumnick's suggestion and import verified urls into a project but have all platforms deselected.

    2. When the verified urls have run thier course, turn the platforms back on.
  • you need to deselect all SEs not all platforms.
  • Thanks Oz!

    I was just about to come back here and say that deselected platforms don't work - I misread what Brumnick said.

    Cool, not I can live verified happy.

    Thanks for the help guys
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