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Anyone knows a free backlink checker + export? Got negative SEO'd

I got negative SEO's on a 5 days site (ranked nº5 in 1 day with my blog network) and someone made 1.8k backlinks to it in 1 day. I tried ahref but requires me to subscribe anyone knows anyway to get all the built backlinks into a text file to add it to the disavow tool?


  • or a tool to extract all the internal URLs from a domain
  • you mean something like this for extracting the urls:

    you can also use the "crawl online" feature of SER i guess.
  • also any tips on how to fix when you get negative SEO'd?
  • web master tool? disavow tool.
  • I added all the links there however it had no effect yet
  • Don't disavow links. You're only making it easier for Google to see different kinds of spam. They've already said that they don't do anything with the disavow data and that they won't be for awhile. You're just making everyone's jobs harder. Trash the site that they neg seo'd you on. It's not coming back. Move onto a fresh domain. Expect this to happen in this serp though if you come barging in with a new domain. I do this all the time to my competition in a few different serps. 
  • thing is it was a EMD and now there is no emd available ;s
  • besides I don't really care if I'm making the job harder to people who do negative SEO , I really hope they fix it because I hate when people are bad at rankings websites and cna only do it by spamming competitors
  • your logic is flawed. you're making the job harder for all seos just handing google different spammy link types. a link is a link. it's how you use it that determines positive or negative effects. 
  • +1 Jampackedspam

    Don't give Google anything
  • if its 5 days old, I hardly doubt someone neg SEO'd you in that time.

    without having an ahrefs account ( and prob no majestic account ), how do you know someone made 1.8k links to you already if the site is 5 days old?
  • rihanadisuzarihanadisuza United States
    edited July 2017
    Some Popular Back link checker tool
    1. Monitor backlinks
    2. backlinkwatch
    3. ahref
    4. semrush
    5. google webmaster
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