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Two captcha types (QuickCaptcha + phpBB)

edited May 2013 in Feature Requests
I have some questions about captchas i discovered in the log.


this captcha is a "multi-part-image". any chance to download the whole captcha and not just a segment with CB? should be easy 100% once there are enough samples availabe. can't tell how often this is used though, but an option to download such kind of captcha would be great though (if not possible already??!)

QuickCaptcha: (also a link to download that captcha module. maybe usefull??)

this captcha is know as "Unknown captcha 180x60 (spotlight) already and i have seen it with different sizes (180x60, 135x37) on different platforms like wordpress, scuttle and mediawiki. any chance to get a better success rate? i tried to exchange colors but this is not working for all images alltogether.
any idea how to improve it?


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