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Absolutely No Luck w/ Blog Comments...What am I doing wrong?

Hello, I'm a pretty new use to GSA. I bought it about a month ago and since then have been reading everything I could find on it. I set up a few projects based on Ozz and Ron's tier structures (thanks a ton, by the way - especially for the diagrams) and they've been running for about two weeks now.
I'm getting a pretty low LPM all the time, which I'm not too concerned about since I'm still trying to wrap my head around things and not sure if I want a gazillion backlinks anyway (for now), but I am concerned about my lack of verified blog comments.

I have not gotten a single one. My blog comment projects have like 2,000 submissions and not a single verification. And these are for blog comments I wrote and manually spun to be relevant.

Anyone experiencing the same problem? I'd really appreciate some tips.

Also, I have SB as well. Would that be a better tool for backlinks?


  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Blog comments are notorious for being high submission and low yield

    If your using the standard comments, you need to swap those out.

    The more unique the comments, the less chance of being instantly flagged as spam

  • ya they can take a long time to be approved but keep going and you will get some. Over time you will gather a nice "approved" list. Also think about using macros in the spun text such as blog name etc. because the more personal you can make it towards that particular blog means more approvals. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks @LeeG and @seagul. I guess I'll leave it on since I spent the time manually spinning the comments. The macros tip is useful. Do I just add a %blog name% to the text? And does that pull the blog name of that site? Sorry if that's obvious, I'm really new :)
    Also, is there a way to make GSA post comments to sites that I find with SB? I feel like this would be possible, but I can't seem to figure out how...
  • just right click project -> import urls from file/clipboard
  • Study the SER macro guide you will see a couple of gems in there for blog commenting
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