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Google has LOST their damn mind...



  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    You could always set up a bot to fill it with complaints about google :D
  • @LeeG if only I could :D

    I might spend a few ££ with mechanical turk to do it just for lols

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    Have a word with TheOrbital and get it released for free on all the bh forums :D
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited May 2013
    Where is @TheOrbital when you need him...

    And tbh @jiggsaw they haven't lost their mind.  As usual they are getting other ppl to do their work for them...

  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    I'm always so paranoid about these sorts of things, half of me wonders if they are just logging my IP address to see what GWT account I sign into so they can actually just look at my own linking patterns ...
  • edited May 2013
    @davbel @leeg - Here I am  Complete with proxy support!
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited May 2013

  • Downloaded it in Chrome . . . Google already hates it ;)


  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    Spread that round the bh forums and TheOrbital will be a hero :D
  • There was a bug in the proxy in the last one. Here is the updated one:
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited May 2013
    Trying to run this, but the link to the new version is down.
  • LOL what a joke. G administration obviously have no faith in their algo. @the orbital - top job ;)
  • This is so nice, just made my day :))) I barely stopped laughing :)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Wait for TheOrbitals impersonator to release a version of the bot now :D


  •  - -. is fake,the URL you can do it by yourself~ 
    if is ture,Search Engine Market will be Confusion....
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    ^ Fatt Cutts tweeted about it so I don't think it's fake.
  • thats pretty funny. lol. all the affiliates gonna rape each other now :D

    btw, overnight my very first page that i did with GSA (a spam one) kept rankings for 3 keywords and 2 more keywords came from page xx to page 1.

    something went wrong there.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    @startrip what sort of spam did you do on this one? Can you advise so I can copy it ?  Sick of seeing my web 2.0s hammered
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    @spunko2010 the point is i cant really say. i'd really like to share (and id really like to do the same again myself), but i dont have that project on GSA any more since i moved it to my VPS and didnt copy that campaign...

    what i remember: I built links to it for a few days with the GSA free trial and it was my only project - as i said, i just wanted to give GSA a shot and didnt expect much.

    then i saw "hm cool this program really builds links", bought it and used it on the page a few more days. fullspeed all the time to see how many links GSA really builds. i saw pretty fast that i wanna work with that program. i rented a vps then and set up a new GSA install on that one. i didnt copy the campaign because i didnt expect it to rank.

    well. the website started ranking after i abandoned it. like 2 weeks later. it outranked my moneysite pretty quick. and it still gains in rankings. it jumped again in the serps today. upwards ;) it hit #1 spot for 3.000 exact KW.

    i dont build any links to it any more for weeks. this one is a real survivor. ahrefs says it has 8.300 links from 330 different domains. so in the google index there should be double the amount. according to ahrefs it already lost 50% of the links, but it doesnt have any impact on the serps.

    if i remember correctly i ticked everything, even indexers and referrers. and within the engine types i didnt untick a single engine. so i blasted pretty much the whole program on that page for a few days. the content was the default content, and i filled up the empty fields with PLR articles (10 articles spun with in a spinfolder). i used 4 proxies from fiverr (offline like 50% of the time but i didnt have a creditcard at that time to buy some from proxyhub)

    so bascially ... well i ticked everything and filled it up with shit. i also remember i put up a PR1 filter and ticked the badword list. i used 10 google SEs and yahoo.

    im really angry that i can't get that project back, i really wanna see what i have done there. i cant reach #1 spot with my moneysite because the damn web2.0 is sitting there with its spun content :D and for my life i dont remember the login and password. i set this one up so fast and just typed in anything. and i used one of the 500 hotmail accounts i bought from fiverr to register it...

    the content is SO funny to read... i should write a book about that page :D or a make a fanpage on facebook for SEOs :D it's such a slap in the face for google, unbelievable.

    FYI: Its maybe they hit us later...

    thats all my crazy brain can remember. BTW, penguin gave me a really nice increase in rankings on a 2 week old page today...
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited May 2013
    @startrip well that's interesting. My very first GSA campaign was a success, I spammed to high heaven and it's postiion 5 and my MS is 4. My question I suppose is, if this worked for you and you remember mostly how you did it, maybe not all details, why are you not trying this for your MS now? Or are you?

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    >>>My question I suppose is, if this worked for you and you remember mostly how you did it, maybe not all details, why are you not trying this for your MS now? Or are you?

    You know it now too, i didnt leave out any detail i remember :)

    It's an understandable question why i don't do it. The thing is
    a) it was a wordpress site. maybe if it was a normal domain it would have crashed very soon
    b) it's only 6 weeks that i did that blast. i think it is likely that in a few more weeks they they kick the site because its too obvious
    c) i wanna do it "right". i'm not a fan of just blasting, i try to solve the things a bit more elegant ;)
    d) as i said its . i'm gonna wait 1 more week until i come to any conclusion. yet i didnt change much in my projects (just cut down the sub/day a bit).

    Until this morning my MS seems to belong to the winners as it raised up a lot in the SERPs. Too early for conclusions, but it looks good. The Spamproject dropped a bit and is now above my MS for some terms.

    As i remember there are a few more guys from here and BHW who tried it that way- partly with big success against all odds.

    Feel free to try it that way, i'd be interested about the results.

    I will try to fly under the radar ;)

    btw i wrote down the settings for my winner-MS in this thread . As i said it really gained a lot in rankings and this setup seems a bit strange but maybe it's worth a try for you. I'm still green with automated backlinking but maybe it was beginners luck that i took the right settings and i like to share here.

    Best Regards

  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited May 2013
    @startrip ok I will try that method. BTW how many links are you generating to your MS on this method? Howe many verifieds and what period. And what tool to use for LSI keywords? For me Google Keyword Tool never does it in correct format :S
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    im using market samurai for the LSI keywords and export as txt. then i use that spinconvert tool from GSA (which is a great feature :) ). you can get MS free and get 40 days trial-time with a special link (it's not cracking, just a link the developer set up one day to let people get a longer trial time). You find it on BHW.

    I started that page pretty whitehat and it had 30 links built within a few month. then i started gsa with 10 links/day and increased it every week or so by 10 links to 40 now. It has a total of 450 BL actually. Its sitting on #1 now for 6 keywords, even one i didnt target because of the competition (yes im a wussy).And it raised to #32 for a 150k keyword (im in a subniche and that 150kw one is the mainword, but i cant monetize it with that page).

    Maybe when the dust settles i find my moneysite somewhere on page 3, but for now it looks like i did something right on accident.

    Best Regards
  • @startrip just to be sure - your moneypage is a normal domain right? How many content pages does it have? And do you place all kinds of links to it from GSA SER, just with slower pace (40/day now)?

  • @Startrip, you did rank a .de domain with English content and backlinks from international domains and IPs?
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
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    Thanks @startrip . What type of links are you pointing to your MS on your non-spam projects? The usual SN, 2.0 and articles? Also my site seems to have hit the low point yesterday and is now moving slow back up SERPS. Thank God...
  • edited May 2013

    Yes it is a normal domain. no wordpress blog or sth. It has about 3000 words content spread on different pages.
    I'm using the engines that are recommended here (you have to dig through some threads)

    i used spun german content at first and switched to english then because KM etc. dont work in german. and didnt care for the domain the bl come from

    Article, SN and Wiki-Articles for contextual and the usual suspects for non-contextual. only one hand made web 2.0 (it's the one that outranked my MS at first, so i wont do that again lol)

    I don't get GSA web2.0 to work (like most peeps here) and so i dont create web 2.0s.

    Happy to hear your sites are recovering.

    Best Regards

  • Maybe you should take one thing into account:

    You never really know why a page gained rankings. You can only guess.

    I really tried to figure out why my page serps "exploded" with the update (maybe it was just random, i dont know!) and as i said im still green. But i want to duplicate that process of course.

    What's also special about that page is, that i could have taken the EMD, but i didnt do it. I took a more brandlike name (lets say if i wanted to rank for coffemachines i would have called myself "" and not, you get the point...)

    I did the usual onpage, but i wanted to try it without an EMD/PMD.

    Best Regards
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    @startrip I have copied your campaign settings that you posted on 1 of my projects and its generated only 3 links in 24hrs :( I can only assume you are using loads of keywords. Where do you get yours from? I have got 150 or so.
  • @spunko2010

    well, im having the same problem at the moment but it can't be the engines imho. It worked fine in the past and many users here are using the same engines, so something outside of SER must have changed.

    Probably for you its something totally different then for me. But who knows.

    Firewall, Proxies, wrong SEs, Bans, blacklisted emails are the first things that come to my mind. 3 links with all that engines ... there must be something terribly wrong. But i cant even help myself at the moment so I think i can't help you with that either.

    As posted in this thread i', not even sure if the KW list is good for anything, but you find it when googling 100kw keywordlist or something similar. I'd upload it for you, but cant access my VPS right now. Bermanhosting service is checking it at the moment because something is slowing down my connection/blocking GSA and i dont know what it is.

    Best Regards

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