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GSA mixing posted url between projects ...

Hi I have a problem, when I click into project and select "Show url's" then "Veryfied" i expected to see verified url's to that project (count of that links is correct as main window of GSA) but I see mixed url's that was GSA submitted. I had 1 anchor text and it is correct in raport but GSA put to scripts wrong adres what i must to link. Software mix url from all project that I run. So bottom line i have raport for my keyword but on all sites what i run what is wrong ;/
Maybe i do something wrong (newbe) but that is frustrating. Hope you understand me, if not i can describe my problem in diffrent words ;)
Best regard


  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    did you duplicated your projects and forgot to clean the URLs? if thats the case than the URLs of your other projects will be used for the new project as well. click the drop down button in --> project options -> data -> url to see if there are unwanted urls left from other projects.

    SER should have give you a warning about that though when duplicating the project.
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