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...Download Failed.... No Engine Matches... Time To Replace Proxys??... Need Some Tips

Hey Guys,

First off I want to say you guys here on this forum are incredible. I mean all the information you share and tips. You guys are giving all the keys to success with this software Your just dropping gems all over the place. If people just use the search function you can learn so much. Thanks for being so damn generous guys.

So everyday I have been plugging my problems into the search strings reading and reading. Happy I found out why I got alot of download failed messages. I believe @Sven said to test your proxies against those urls.

That I did and THEY ARE NOT WORKING. So now what? I'm using semi private proxies from buy proxies. Should I contact support to swap them out?


  • Download failed can happen depending on the platform too. If you're spamming a heavily spammed out target where the page is large in size, the download may fail because it takes too long for SER to load the page. 
  • Thanks man,

    Im thinking its a proxy issue tho but I will look into that. What should I do about proxys as well?
  • I just thought I would check to see if it was a proxy issue. Because I read that error mainly comes from proxys.
  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    which kind of proxy test do you use? test them against this for example (replace "XX" with "tt")

    url: hXXp://
    string: >Top categories<
  • Yup I tested it against  a url buddy. I can post urls if you want.
  • Ok it worked for ebay. I wanted to test against another url but what should the string be?
  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    it needs to be something within the html source code of the page.
    if you formerly testing the proxies against google or bing than it could happen that your proxies were temp banned on those sites. so your proxies were fully functional, but not on that particular site.

    you will find more examples when searching google for: string proxy
  • Ok hopefully this helps. I get sooo many urls that say download failed/ no engine match urls. I desperately want to fix this.
  • google this: "download failed"
  • ITT people learn how to use basic search engine operators :p
  • hopefully people realize that this stuff is important when researching something by there own ;)
  • edited May 2013
    I realized a while back when I joined the forum. I didn't find an answer that was helpful for me at the moment. I never attended ITT, my apologies @JamPackedSpam, I'm just an idiot trying to master GSA. Sorry for needing a bit of direction.
  • @Ozz, I'll keep looking through the answers. I used that function but I'll keep digging. Thanks
  • Few things I'll test....
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @keith88 - there are some detailed forum posts on proxies and different settings and the like. You'll find so much info on this where it's been explained in a lot of detail. If you don't come right, then drop your question here and I'll try and help you out. Also - what you want to do is have another service maybe to check your proxies against, maybe something like Scrapebox, or just use a proxy on your browser and see if you can use the SE's you've selected...then you'll see if they are actually working. 

    Remember also to mark them as public/private and set what to use where in global options. :-)
  • @AlexR,,, I think I got it brother. Thanks so much. I dont mind researching at all. Thats what I been doing and will keep on!
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