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Allow captcha solving only for specific projects

I don't use any captchas services as these will cost me more than $50 a day. But for some projects, like tier 1 one projects where there are several filters set, there will be too little number of backlinks without any captcha service. I can't pause all other projects and enable a captcha service. Allowing us to use a captcha service only for specific project will be a real advantage in my opinion.


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    You can do that already! Just click the underlined captcha option. You can set it to only use 2nd option and in global options set 2nd option to paid service. 
  • Yes but the 2nd option which will be a captcha service in this case will also be use for other projects. And this will cost me a lot of money and will also decrease the submission rate.

  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    then you need to change the other projects to "use 1st service only".

    your tier1 project could be configured with "use all services" to use your capthca tool first and captcha service later when your tool failed to solve the captcha.
  • Thanks, I did not know that you can use 1st service only.
  • expect to get maximum flexibility all the time when a feature was added. Sven doesn't seem to do things by halves ;)
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