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Noob here - not getting many verifieds

Hey guize, 
Noob here, apologize in advance for the stupid questions ;)

Anyhow, I was trying to get my feet wet with GSA so I created a project, did some scraping with all of the Article footprints, added a keyword list of about 15 targeted keywords, selected all of the english speaking search engines (30-40), then let it rip. I only seemed to get about 6k scraped URL's overnight. (I have 20 dedicated proxies)

I then started posting, the next day, which I let run for over 24 hours. I only ended up getting 1,300 submitted links. I turned "verify urls" off in the options page, in order to try and speed up the posting process. I turned it back on after I paused the campaign. It shows out of 1,300 submits, I only have 7 verified URLS. WTF?

Is this normal? Why am I only getting such a small percentage of verifieds? 
How can I increase my verified %


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