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Noob guide how to use proxies in (GSA Software)?


Zo i never ever used proxies and searching for somthing like a guide how to get proxies and set them up.

A link to a noob guide would be much apriciated.



  • Go to

    Buy 20 semi-dedicated proxies. 

    Receive proxies via Email. 

    Open up GSA. 

    Go too advanced options, copy proxies from email into a text document titled "Proxies", or whatever you want. Save text file. 

    In the proxies menu, open the text file. 

  • watch the video tutorial about how to set up proxies.
  • oke zo 20 proxies are good for gsa seo indexer ?    i dont like my ip to leak zo rather pay some more to get good proxies that dont leak.

    i geus you never know if a proxie would leek?
  • GSA has been funky lately about proxies leaking, in all honesty. 20 proxies is plenty though. I'm simultaneously scraping and posting with the same 20 proxies. Never had any issues with not enough proxies. My IP DID leak though. Not because of lack of proxies. 
  • oke zo i can only hope seo index wont leak.

    @ Ozz (ore some one els who knows the answare)  where can i find this video tutorial?
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