How to not add existing links as a verified link

Hello. It also adds the previously existing urls as verified when they are crawled - checked. Can this be prevented ?
I only want to add newly submitted urls to verified list so other tiers may use them properly and i can see new links my self


  • whenever SER finds your link in the net it will be verified regardless when and with which software it was built. i think the only thing you can do is to put the "not wanted" urls to the blacklist.
  • @Ozz yes that is the behaviour now but i don't want that. I believe what i want may be possible.
    For example i am a victim of negative seo and when ser finds them they are counted as verified and i dont want to build tiers for them :D
  • SvenSven
    This behavior can not be changed for various reasons. It would break a lot engines.
  • wow this is very sad :( but cant be helped i suppose

    but you can possibly add another option @Sven

    such as on lower tiers we can specify to build links with some restrictions

    such as only if the verified is pr 4 and above
    only if contextual type etc
  • SvenSven
    yes thats on the to do list already.
  • @Sven that is a very good thing. can you say any estimated time ?
  • SvenSven
    sorry no, I add things when I got time...noone knows when this will be again ;)
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