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What is the difference between these methods on importing URLS ?

1- Right click on project - Import target URLS - From file.
2- Option - Advanced - Tools - Import URLS - Identify platform and sort in.
3- Option - Advanced - Tools - Import site lists - Identified.

And specially, which method enable me to add new GSA LIST, because i got 3k GSA LIST and wanna add them
ALSO, if i want later to delete these list, lets say because i discovered it was low quallity, how can i delete them?


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  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    1 - you import your site list directly to a project. if you have activated the global site list management feature (options --> advanced) than the urls will automatically added to the site list while its posting to them

    2 - this will just import the urls to the global identified site list for later use. SER will automatically try to post to this site in random order when its searching for target urls within the identified site list

    3 - this will import a site list from another instance of SER and merge them together. if you have more than one SER on different machines you are able to combine the site lists together with this function

    the best way to import new site list is to use them on lower tier projects with right click project --> import target urls. if you think that the list is crap than you need to delete all the site lists (identified/submitted/verified). this is not recommended though as you are able to filter "bad" urls with your filter settings on project basis.
    just keep your site list growing and use the submitted site list in the beginning on project level. once you have a very large database you may change that to verified list only or submitted+verified list together. to use the identified list doesn't help that much as you are wasting your rescources because SER will try to post to sites again and again where it can't make a successful submission. 
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