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Captcha Sniper / Optimal Settings

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since they dont have a forum cant as there, hence lemme put this one here

i ve seen here that as for CS settings i should go for

Disable Host Redirects, which is turned on by default
Enable, Use Captcha Platforum for Detection which is always unchecked when the program starts

however my CS solving results are rather poor i would guess way below 20%, i posted in some other BH forum and they said pretty much the same or worse, so i am seriously wondering, if there is anything to get CS better working,

Any ideas?
Any custom updated database?


  • If you want to improove it, I can upload you A LOT unsolved captchas and you can train it to solve them. How good CS is depends on the used plattforms.
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    I spoke with mickey, the creator of CS and he told me that you should change to 6 retries instead 3.
    But 20% is really good, They cannot solve all the captchas available, just a few.

    Also you can use the destruction kit and try to add more captcha types.
  • OzzOzz
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    >change to 6 retries instead 3.
    I would only do that if you don't use a 2nd solving service. If thats the case than 1st CS = 1 retry and the 3rd captcha try will be solved by 2nd service.
  • i played a lot around with the destruction kit, it basically a nice thing, but not much user friendly tbh,

    when CS saves my unsolved capthas it would be better to get it directly from CS rather then clicking on new, adding a new type and bla bla all of that, since i can t right click there to see what what source the captha came its just very hard to get that program into learning mode,

    fun thing thou, some of the capthas not even normal people could read ever, so really wondering what brain tards came up with those ones

  • What would make captcha sniper better is if there was an option where it could first use platform detection and then if that fails it resorts to the captchas you have selected.  When watching catpcha sniper solve I have seen many catpchas it should be able to solve saying "Unknown captcha" even though I know it solves that captcha type.  In fact I haven't seen it solve a "Guestbook enter wood in verification box" yet even though that style of captha is used on other platforms.  This is the big problem with platform detection, if a captcha it can solve comes from another plaform it will say "Unable to solve"
  • @ F0l2saken

    Yup, noticed that too. It works like so:

    Read engine type variable sent from gsa (eg phpbb) and select all captcha types assigned to that engine from the database.
    If there is more than one, use captcha size to determine match. If more than 1 have the same size, use the 1st one.

    This can be fixed in 2 ways, 1 record and send details to CS support, or 2 edit the CS database yourself (backup 1st), there is a tool that can do this located in the CS thread on BHW.

    I havent tried this yet so i dont know how the database is structured. If i do get a chance to play with it i will post a tutorial and improved database if i get the chance.
  • Thanks guys for providing such input. It's great to see that such users like you are still around here and not only people which aren't willing to spend a minimum time to search for a solution which is already provided.

    I think the dev of CS himself should improove the tool a little bit. I've offered to provide a huge amount of unsolved captchase to play around, but it doesn't seems that he is interested and I really don't have the time to play around with the deconstruction kit.
  • I just talked to the dev. of CS a few minutes before, and they are very well interested in improving the program, Shall we Brainstorm a bit about it?

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    I'll contact them too and will upload about 1 GB unsolved captchas ;)

    I've asked this already in their thread here (beside saving the options).
  • as far i understand it for now, this is useless unless you have the platforms for it
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    It saves it as:

    Burning Book-091012160825.gif

    Seems to be that the platform is included because SER sends it to CS.
  • @oil

    saying that your solve rate is 20% or less is very misleading.  Its almost like saying that the grocery store only sells bread and all you've done is walk down the bread aisle.  I think you're misunderstanding how CS works.  CS has algorithms for SPECIFIC captchas.  There are literally 1000's of different captcha types in existence. If CS is sent a captcha that is not yet supported, then you have the choice to use a human solving service and pay their per captcha costs.  CS is updated on avergae once a month, so its by no means limited to the captchas which are built in.  Its totally up to you, if you want to use CDK, but to complain about a 'low solve rate' as you put it and then say that you cant be bothered adding new ones is a bit ... well ... contradicting.

    @Ozz - can you confirm this with Sven?   I was under the impression that retries would apply to the 'first in line'  - regardless of wether or not a solving service was selected.

    @Bytefaker  - what on earth gives you the impression that I dont want to improve CS.  Take a look around, do some due dilligence, talk to others .. youll see that this is not the case.

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    @CaptchaSniper: Because there was no response when I asked you here at the forum. Don't want to be unfair, but my impression wasn't a lot interest. Is it better to talk to you over your email for such things?

    You already agreed about saving the settings, at the same thread I'm asking about providing you some unsolved captchas. Your answer was that I should play around with the CDK.

    But if you're really interested I'll collect a few more, upload it to mediafire and provide you the link by email. Is this ok for you?
  • @Byte - as you can see, I rarely have time to visit the GSA forum ... and this forum doesnt email me with updates to threads.

    Yes of course its always better to contact me via email. 
  • Ok, I talked to CaptchaSniper just a moment ago and I think I was wrong with my assumption that you have to set the number of retries for CS very low.

    Because not many sites would ban you if you are trying to solve their captcha after just 3 tries, you are good to go to increase the number of retries and don't have to worry about bans if that isn't the case very often.

    His recommendation is 5-6 retries for CS.
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    @CaptchaSniper: Good point, I'll contact you in future by mail. Wasn't sure how active you are here. Thanks for clarification!

    @Ozz: Thanks for the hint :) Set it up to 6 too.

    EDIT: @CaptchaSniper: If you want you can favorit a thread then you get notifications when people posted to the thread.
  • So, if you setup CS for 6 retries, how many retries for a second service like DBC? 3 is a good number? Thanks
  • Little hint to everyone: To solve the captchas of the new article engine YAD you only need to 
    - save a couple of captchas first
    - build a file for CS with the destruction kit. 
    - you don't need to configure any parameter in destruction kit as solving rate is by 100%
    - name it to "YAD" and everything is good :)
  • Ozz, thanks for your contribution on this GSA tool and support...
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