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Geo targeting cities / towns etc with keywords x location

I searched both with Google site: function and also on the search on this forum but did not find anything so I'll start a thread. I am sure others are dealing with this also and so it should be helpful.

I have basically 20 pages that are identical and targeting the same keywords except the town/city changes for each page. I would like to make one project that I could use to buld links to all 20 pages and uses all the keywords but the location matches the particular page.

keywords * location1 >url1
keywords * location2 >url2

Any ideas on an effective way to accomplish this?

Best Answers

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    If I'm thinking correctly... you can just attach the geo keyword anchors with the specific url in the project.

    Basically.....{ny pest control|new york pest control}
             {fl pest control|florida pest control}

    Is that what you're asking? If you're talking about search keywords per url, you can't do that. It's only search keywords on a project level.
  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013 Accepted Answer
    hxxp://{geo keyword1|geo keyword2}
    hxxp://{geo keyword3|geo keyword4}

    you can also try to spin it like
    hxxp://{{geo1|geo2} {keyword1|keyword2}


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    so no easy way to pull from all the keywords and then just add in locations kinda have to enter them one at a time. Ok will do. I can just make up a text file and easily change it there, then import in above format.

    What macro do I use to insert links in context in article with this format?
  • you could try to insert the keyword with the spinfile macro if you have seperated keyword files already.
  • I have searched macros on this forum but do not see the list of macros and what they are. Or course I know %url% and %anchor_text% but what is the link to the docs on this.

    I have to insert a macro for my article to insert the link values set above. yes/no
  • click "help" -> macro guide
  • Thanks Ozz but the computer that my GSA runs on is not good for docs/pdf is there another source online?
  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    copy the macro_guide.pdf which you find in your installation folder to some other machine that has the capability to use tools of this millenium.
  • works for me
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