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French projets = few submitted links

Hi all When I set up french projet I have few submitted links , my settings are:

In keywords: french keywords
In option I only check french engines to use

How can I do for increase my links submitted?


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    Hebergeur d'image Hebergeur d'image
  • add to bad word filter "baise moi" or whatever its called, lol.

    with "In option I only check french engines to use" you mean "skipt sites from the following country" with the exeption of french, right? or do you speak of search engines?

    regarding SEs i would try to use only french Google/Yahoo of France and Canada. maybe some other of Senegal, Ivory Coast, Marocco and such kind.
    that said i have no real experience with non-english sites, so maybe others have better tips.
  • thanks for yor answer I test skip sites from the following country and search engines to use and both make few submissions
  • I think you should ignore this feature, in France we do not have many high PR website...
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    Totally agree with discodog, If you want only french targets, you should build them, French spot are low value contrary to english huge possiblities.

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