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Numerous Tweaks Finally Have LpM Where I Want It

After reading through all of the posts on the forums and doing some tweaks, I've finally got my LpM's to a good place. Thanks for all the good advice everyone gives here! My LpM is bouncing between 190-220 and staying like that. If anyone has any questions, I'll gladly help!



  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Now work on getting your verified up. That's the fun part

    66k submitted and only 2700 verified, looking at your screen shot

    Content will be your main target to work on

  • @eglassman88 How about some screenshots of your global options and a project? That's a good start. A few pictures say thousands of words...
  • seconded for all screenshot of all globals and 1 project ( mark out senstive info though )
  • I dont understand your project, is only 1 project with 3 tiers and some secondary links on each tier?
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    eglassman88 wow, it so great. can you share some tips?

    Thank you
  • tips are shared all over the board. just read the sticky thread "My compiled List of Tips...". its all there, you just nead to read it.
  • Depends on the link type, 200 LPM with trackbacks isnt that hard.  I've got up to 250 without doing much tweaking.
  • Can't seem to keep mine above 150LPM no matter what I do.  I'd love to be pushing 200+  but, I'm still getting very good results with what I'm doing but I'd just love to do it faster and i've been playing around with options like none stop for 2-3 months.   :/

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    Awesome :) I finally got mine up there, too, last night after going through every. single. project... and setting it up like @LeeG and @Ron say to.


    @pony, like @Ozz said, check out the sticky post. Read the threads under - Threads related to SER performance. Especially the one on Links Per Minute. Read all of them, all of the way through. Write it down and make the changes. It took me about 7 or 8 hours to go through all of my projects, but going from 30LPM to over 300LPM was worth it, I think.

    I just followed everything @Leeg and @Ron say. The only thing they seem to have different opinions about is the blacklist checking (I think). Just for clarification, @LeeG, you don't turn on the filter for blacklist sites, right?

    Also have a question. How do you guys combat the wiki monster that seems to eat up a lot of my link profile? I know I can turn it off. I just was looking for a set it and forget it solution. Just looking for ideas if you guys have any :)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Its all down to personal choice.

    One of the black list checks is stop forum spam. One of the all time favourite moans on here about having an email address listed on there.

    Now I know for a fact, that to be listed in that list, any website using their system is not listed by default. Its an opt in list. It was a default setting, it would be as good as having a 100ft neon sign above your site, pointing out what your using and in some cases provoke ddos attacks or other revenge attacks etc

    So that list is a very very small percentage  of the websites using the service

    Any black list is only as good as the information added to it.

    Add a link today and a second later the site you just placed a link on might be added there or miss placing a link and a site might be removed from a list

    Every tick box in ser will add to the time taken and resources used. Be it a very fractional time. Over a lot of submissions daily, it all adds up


    Keep it lean, make it run mean

  • Also @ron don't use any list, @LeeG use verified and submitted list.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    But rons not a Ser Jedi master, he is on the dark side [-(  8-}  L-)

    Even the global sites lists there are different views.

    Some say only use submitted other like me use submitted and verified :-\"

    Its all down to choice and taking the time to find what works for you

    Setting up ser well takes a lot of effort and time, plus a heck of a lot of testing to get things running right

  • Wouldn't all verified be included in the submitted list? I just have verified turned on.
  • Sorry guys I was in Mexico since the day after I posted this and haven't been online (oops), but honestly I just read through the forums and followed tweaks recommended by most of the others. Ron, Lee, Ozz, etc. They literally hand you what they do on a silver platter, you just need to look for it. It's really not that hard, just do it and you'll get results. I use submitted and verified list (personal preference), do GSA Indexer separate, verify kitchen sinks every 5 days or. The only thing I have set to verify automatically is my Tier 1. It's pointless to build links to a site that isn't pointing at my money site.
  • @LeegG - Is it normal to show significantly less verified links than submitted on spammed out targets that take a long time for GSA SER to load the page before it times out and doesn't have enough time to check for your link? There is one particular link type that I'm using with some very spammed out pages that I think this is happening to me with but I'm not 100% sure, I just figured that this was the only reasonable explanation as to why I was showing way less verified links than submitted.
  • @JamPackedSpam do you have it set to verify links automatically, or turned off altogether? If it's turned off, you'll need to manually right click on the project and set it to "Active Verify Only". Also, what is your HTML timeout and maximum size website to download?
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