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SER scraper Vs Scrapebox

I tried scraping for blog comments urls in Scrapebox for 5 hours and not even 1 url Scrapebox gave me :(

then i remembered, that SER has a scraper . The one that i`ve using when i needed new AD list for my AD campaigns.

After i put my footprints , then started the scraping on SER.

i got 200+ urls :D

watta tool 



  • scrapebox is a piece of junk... lol :D
  • no, scrapebox is a fine tool, not only for scraping. its not called the "swiss army knife of SEO" without a cause ;)

    but the auto-scraper function of SER is just fine and works pretty well if you use it with some good SEs.
  • @content32 haha , scrapebox has a lot of use. But when scraping blog comments sites for a particular keyword. Its kinda useless and SER scraper is doing pretty good :D

    @Ozz haha yeah its a fine tool,
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Scrapebox is awesome, you just have to use good footprints. ;)
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