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[Suggest] More CN platforms

Sites like,, (Comments or Posts (if possible))

"" "이름" "댓글"


  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    you need to work on your language skills i guess ;)

    mihanblog = persian, blog creation possible if i'm not wrong
    tistory = korean, blog creation just with invitation code = finally a chinese platform, but i can't figure out anything

    apart from that its hard to code something blindly as you can't read error messages for exmaple. footprints, keywords, ... they have to been in other languages as well to work good.

    not impossible, but its a pain in the ass for not korean/persian/chinese speaking people.
    just try to figure out more information (footprints, sign up process, ...) about those sites and you'll see what i mean.
  • Thanks for the advice, Ozz. Will look into it.
  • Tistory is not good now as it was 2 years ago ;) had so many PR7 pages but now mostly tistory page delete comments after some period

    I am not sure SER can translate into Korean language because most of tistory based sites require comments in Korean or Chinese language.

    Secondly there is a limit of characters in URL section of comment box, it is between 50-70 characters, so you cannot use 2nd or 3rd tier links as you are not aware of their length.

    Third and most important, Tistory has built-in function of displaying comments till it is under 100, once it reach the 100 comments, all comments get hidden and you have to click on comments to read them and if you check HTML source before clicking comments, you will find 0 comments. So in short Tistory pages are useful till comments are not reached 100.

  • That is not CN but koren
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