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Low verified links Project running continuously from past 10 days

i am running the projects from past 10 days continuously on a  vps but i am getting very low number of verified back links every day .

GSA CAPTCHA BREAKER with Deathbycaptcha

10 shared proxy's for submission and public proxy's for scarping .

1000 keywords per project , learn new keyword and use them options set .
but i dont know why i am getting only 20 -30 links per day per project .

PR 1-6 with total outbound links set to 100

i am using these links for T1


  • ronron
    Use private proxies for everything, set html timeout to 140 and custom wait time to 20 seconds. Just try it and report back.
  • how many shared proxy's i may need for that projects ? i got 10 shared proxy's is it ok use them for all or do i need to get any extra proxys ?

    shared vs private proxy's does they make any large difference ?
  • 10 shared should work with 100 threads. when you notice a huge drop in submission rate than you need to investigate your log to see if they are banned on SEs or PR checking etc. 

    however, just try it.
  • ronron
    edited May 2013

    I was using 30 shared buyproxies at 300 threads for the last six months. With the newer release of SER, I scaled back to 225 threads because the CPU was catching fire.

    Like @Ozz said, you will be completely fine with 10 proxies at 100 threads.

  • No success Ron just got 300 verified links for 12 hours any other solution ?  i am running around 20 projects .

    10 links per projects omg i need at least 1k links per project for 24 hours . cause some of the projects contains around 100-200 urls .
  • ronron

    When I look at your image of the project, you have the good platforms mixed with the junk platforms. It leads me to believe you don't know the best way to create your tiers.

    So go to:

    And try setting them up the way I said. It really creates a lot of speed in link building.

  • removed all the low quality platforms . will update you 12 - 24  hours . Thanks bro . Thanks a lot
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