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If I have list of anything (articles, bookmarks, etc) where I added it on GSA SER?

Hey Guys, I have this, I got a list of new articles, new bookmarks, new stuff, but I do not know where can I add to my GSA SER. I mean, all the default pages of GSA SER are so spamm, and I don´t get the rank I want. So, please, help me, Is any way to do it?

Thanks guys! 


  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    there are no default pages for SER and thats the beauty of it. you scrape your own sites, filter and post to them automatically with the settings  and to the engines you are comfortable with.

    if you have a list of URLs than just import them to your project(s). right click project(s) -> import URLs -> from file/clipboard
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