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Which ping sites are you using =?

A lot of them fails. So which ones are you using ? Worths to tick ?
thank you


  • ronron

    The best thing is to 'log to file' about 5 minutes worth of log activity when SER starts the pinging process. Then you can easily see which ones are good and which ones are bad.

    Generally speaking, all the Google ones are excellent. I would only use about 5 pinging services at most. Try to make Google only one of them.

  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    if you notice that SER is pinging blogs than right click -> copy all.

    open your editor (in my case notepad++) and paste all lines from clipboard to the text file. "mark" with checked "bookmark line" all lines with "pinged successfully" (or whatever its called), click "search" -> "bookmark" -> "remove unmarked lines".

    now you have a list of all successful pingsites you can use.

    for more infos about ping sites google this forum: ping
  • ronron

    @Ozz, that is so sweet!! :) I must be a victim of right-click blindness. Plus I like how you used Notepad++ to solve the problem (whereas I used Excel to sort).

    Everyone take note of Ozz's method - timesaver!

  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    excel isn't bad at all if you want to get rid of the time stamp in the log. then i first use NP++ to filter lines, copy all filtered lines to excel, remove the "timestamp collumns" and copy/paste it back to NP++ again.
  • thanks now i got 16 working one :d
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