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Search engines: / - no results?

I tested with a simple footprint like:

"Powered By Pligg" "Legal: License and Source"

with the help of "Search online for URLs" (Options -> Advanced -> Tools)

I have no results on 2 different servers for both engines. Would someone please do the same test?

Best Answer

  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013 Accepted Answer
    they may have changed something on their end or your proxies are banned.

    however, just use SEs of google and yahoo (which is using the same database as MSN or ecosia) and are faster because you get 100 results per page and not 20 (or whatever you get with ecosia).


  • I have 50 non-shared private proxies at the moment so I tend to think that they may have changed something on their end as you suspected. Oh well l'll go back to Google scraping... Anyway, thanks for your reply Ozz!
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