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1st project ready

Just ready to launch my first project and I am keeping it simple as I am only submitting and article .
I have the main article manually spun and title . For the resource area is there a best practise for this . Many thanks in advance


  • Can anyone show me an example of the " About yourself" for the article submission and also can the description be the same as the summary, many thanks I m a little stuck and its the only thing holding me up before I launch my 1st project, thanks
  • Any help or comment would be greatly appreciated
  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    just visit some of the well known article sites like goarticles, ezine and so on to get some examples. you can use this method for all other platforms too (directories etc.) in case you like to know what other people are using for all the fields you need to set up in SER.

    however, i think you need to be more creative in terms of "figuring things out by yourself". i mean just think about what you would do when you post an article manually. you would study some other authors and what they have done or not? just do the same for SER.
  • Thanks Ozz should I spin name and address and what about description is there a best practise
  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    no, keep it random in the beginning.

    just do your dummy project, use the default content, study the results you get and change accordingly for the projects you like to promote. 

    whenever you have a question about a field/function use the google search first with: "Search Term" 
    and try to figure out things by yourself. most of your questions were already discussed a couple of times already.
  • Thanks I did a google search and although there' a threads there was nothing conclusive . Shame there is
    Not a detailed guide on the software . Has this been thought about!
  • OzzOzz
    edited May 2013
    The problem with a guide is that it is hard to keep it up to date with all the changes that are made to this software.

    The basic topics are covered well in the video tutorials, guides and FAQs though. More specific things you'll find across the forum.

    All SEO related stuff you'll find across the internet in all sorts of SEO forums, but you'll get some good infos here as well. That said everyone has its own approach so its up to everyone himself to get his things sorted.
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