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Migration From VPS to Dedi... anything I should be thinking about?

I am going to move my GSA from a vps to a dedi and I am wondering what needs to be considered in regards to my programs and projects.

Anyone here have advice on migration that they would like to share.

I will be moving my GSA SER, GSA Indexer and Captcha Breaker.

@Sven does this mean my licences will be invalidated on ip change or will it all just boot up like normal after install.

Thanks NR


  • you should be thinking do I really need to move to a dedicated server.  Don't know what your requirement are.  If you do move to dedi;  uninstall the gsa suite with revouninstaller.  this way no one can use gsa on that server.  transferring to a new server has nothing to do with licenses.  you would just enter your details again.  
  • I am going to can the idea now... you have made me ask questions that made me decide against the idea for now. I can't financially justify it to my self or business partner.
  • SvenSven
    @nicerice if you install it on the new PC / VPS and uninstall on the other, there is nothing th fear.
  • Thanks Sven, my fears are allayed.
  • poweruphostingpoweruphosting Los Angeles
    Backup your projects on GSA and import them on your new dedicated server. That's the easiest way to migrate your data.
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