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How much articles?


i want to setup a project(article directory and Social Network) but how i decide that how much articles should i use?
and how frequently i change new articles?

sorry if this answered before but i have searched and not found.



  • Depends how many times you post, how well spun the article is and the sites you are linking to.

    For tier1 stuff, I change them after a few hundred verified and for other tiers when it's got to a few thousand.

  • suppose that 5k words used in my article and spining is nested and also i want to post unique article as much as possible.
  • one more question.
    How many email should i use in one project or how to calculate that i how many email should i use?

  • 10 emails more than enough :)
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    ok thanks but any idea how to decide?
  • Hi, guys anyone on?
    help me please..
  • @baba - Here is a service that I am offering a greatly reduced price for SER users. In the thread, I discuss how I use articles in SER. Maybe that will help you some.
  • davbeldavbel UK
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    How to decide on what?
  • Create highly spun article containing your target keywords.
    Change article once per month
  • okay thanks
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