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[GET] Articles For Your SER Projects

About a year ago, I created a website to offer super-spun articles on a membership basis. I had never created my own "product" before and didn't really know how to market it on my own. I didn't know any of the "big" marketers in the IM arena to ask them to JV with me either, so the service never really got "launched".

So the site has just been sitting there the past year.

Then along came GSA SER, and since I had all these articles that I had created, I thought I would put them to good use. These articles are what I use for my SER projects now.

There have been a lot of threads on this forum lately discussing what people use to create the content for their SER projects. There are a lot of good products/services available and I have used many of them. But most of them still require something that a lot of us are short on --- TIME!

I realized that the service that I had set up could be something that could help a lot of SER users. So I mentioned it to @Sven and got his approval to offer this to SER users. I am not looking to get rich from this, and I would like to give you guys real value!

The site originally had three levels of membership. Each higher level allowed you to download more articles each month. For members of this forum, I am offering the Platinum membership for the price of the Silver membership. This equates to 21 super-spun articles for ONLY $25 each month. You cannot have content created anywhere else for this price!

You can check the site out at --->

You can even look at the regular pricing while you are there...BUT DO NOT BUY FROM THAT PAGE!!! The link provided below is an unlisted page on the site with the special price for members of this forum only. YOU HAVE TO JOIN FROM THE LINK BELOW TO GET THE SPECIAL PRICE!!

The front page of the site itself will explain a lot more in detail about the service. I will not put all that in here (to save space on this thread). There is one thing that is important to SER users that is not mentioned on the site (and is one big reason that I use these articles for my projects). The articles come with a super-spun title as the first line of the article. They also have a super-spun intro paragraph as the second line of the article. I use this intro paragraph for the "Description" entries on my projects. They work great for that.

Each of these mega-spun articles can produce thousands of over 70% unique articles. So here is the "ninja" tactic that I use in SER for these articles:

1.) Download 4-5 articles for a given niche.
2.) Create a folder on my PC for the each of the following: titles, descriptions, articles
3.) Copy the title out of each downloaded article into files named "title1", "title2", "title3" the titles folder.
4.) Copy the intro paragraph out of each downloaded article into files named "desc1", "desc2", "desc3" the descriptions folder.
5.) Copy the article itself (with or without the intro paragraph - your choice) into files named "article1", "article2", "article3" in the articles folder.
6.) Create your SER project and for the details in the title, descriptions, and article, use the %spinfolder% macro to get the info from the files you just created.
7.) Let your project run knowing that each title/desc/article that is used will be at least 70% unique.
8.) Repeat the process next month with new downloaded articles for this niche.

There you have it! No more hours spent spinning or scraping your own content for SER. With 21 articles a month, you should have plenty of content for your projects. Less time spent creating content means more time for you to create more sites and more SER projects...and more rankings down the line!

So click the link below to get started today!

Join MegaSpunArticles

*NOTE: Please don't use this thread for "support" issues. There is a support section on the site to handle that. But if you have questions/comments/concerns, I'll be happy to address them here. I'll try to keep up with the thread as best I can, but I can't be here all the time, so please be patient.


  • Can you tell us a bit more about the spun Articles ? How many rewrites per sentence / paragraph / title ? do you do word spinning for these articles ? Can you provide an example for the Dog Training niche ?
  • This sounds really tempting as I am getting pretty tired of spinning articles myself. However, I would like to know how does the process look like. I just pick listed on the site niche and it will send me up to 21 articles? I am only afraid that I won't be able to find highly related articles to my particular niche 
  • @mamadou & @system0102 - There is a lot more details on the home page of the website itself. There is also a FAQ page on the site that gives some more in depth answers to your questions.

    Right now, there are close to 80 different niches. You choose and download one article at a time. So you can get different articles from different niches. And you get the articles when you want/need them. Each niche also has articles of several different lengths, so you can get the size article you want.
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    Have had several people PM me with questions. I should have mentioned that there is also a FAQ page on the site that answers most of the common questions.

  • Hey @DavidA2 - Loving the readability of the articles. GREAT Service!! Especially for the price, I know of other places that charge 10 times the amount, so hopefully people here realize that and take advantage of the offer!

  • @theorbital - Thanks for the update! Glad you are happy with it!
  • I'm thinking about trying it, but I am sceptical because you never know how many webmasters use the same spun article
  • Each article in this service it totally new and not available anywhere else. After any one article has been downloaded 50 times, it is automatically removed from availability, so at the most only 50 people will have it.

    In addition, since they are mega-spun (super spun) articles, each one is capable of producing tens of thousands of articles that are over 70% unique! You really don't need to worry about anyone else using "the same article".
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    David, can you advise the benefits of this over ACW?
  • @spunko2010 - I have not used ACW, so I don't know for sure what it does or how it would compare.
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    Hi DavidA2,

    Please could you answer a couple of questions:

    1. In the FAQ > Mega-Spun Articles section, it mentions:
    "For each mega-spun article that we create, we actually use between four and six individual articles." 

    Are these "four and six individual articles" newly created articles that are 100% unique?

    2. In the FAQ > Mega-Spun Articles section, it mentions:
    "What categories are available for "mega"-spun articles?"
    How many new mega spun articles are created for each niche every month?
    (Is it 1 article per niche, e.g. 1 for Credit cards, 1 for Credit Repair, etc.?)

    (I did send an email to support, 3 days ago, but have not received a reply yet)

  • @JackSparrow - I just checked the support desk. There are no outstanding tickets. Since they are listed by email, it is hard for me to say if I answered a ticket from you or not. Anyway, to answer your questions...

    1.) The individual articles are made up from PLR content that is broken up into tips/snippets. These tips are then combined together to create an article that is unique. (Maybe I should change this wording on the site. Now that I say it that way, it is a little confusing.) The point is, each original article that is used is a never-before used article (in it's current form).

    These 4-6 articles are then spun together at the paragraph level. Then everything is spun at the phrase/word level. As is mentioned, this produces articles that are over 70% unique. There will be phrases of each article that will be found in the search engines, but, in no way do you have to worry about "duplicate content".

    Some people have been confused by this. If you are expecting 100% unique content out of each article, you are not going to get that. The fact is, you don't need it to be. You are not using this for your money site.

    The truth is, even if you have a super-spun article that you wrote 100% yourself, and it is unique, and you spin it to 90-100% uniqueness, when you run it through SER (or SENuke or any of the others) and post it several thousand times, there are going to be duplicate phrases that Google is going to find.

    2.) New articles are created on an as-needed basis. There is not a set number each month. Some categories will be more popular and will need to have articles created more often. Honestly, since the service is new, I haven't had to worry about this. I can add plenty of articles in any niche when the time comes.

    Thanks for your interest. Hope the answers helped.
  • DavidA2 

    "1.) The individual articles are made up from PLR content that is broken up into tips/snippets. These tips are then combined together to create an article that is unique. (Maybe I should change this wording on the site. Now that I say it that way, it is a little confusing.) The point is, each original article that is used is a never-before used article (in it's current form). "

    Thanks for your explanation.

    The individual articles and categories (mentioned in the FAQ) sound very similar to the articles from the ArticleBuilder service, where each article effectively consisted of snippets taken from a PLR article database. While the readability was good, the problem was the uniqueness and that the content was shared among 1000's of members. I'm not saying this is the service being used here, just am not a great fan of PLR content.

    Good luck with your service.
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    Guys, the only way to evaluate this service is to try it and see what your index rate is like. That's what I'm planning to do.

    There's nothing wrong with PLR content as long as its spun enough. In fact I still use Article Builder in quite a few projects and they get indexed well (37% when last checked). This is on super spun + advanced mode.

    @DavidA2 I will try your service when I start next new project
  • @seagul - Thanks! Like you said...give it a try and see.
  • Hey DavidA2 , are these 21 articles for same keyword/niche , or i can choose multiple keywords
  • You choose one article at a time, from any niche that you like. So, you could choose 21 different niches in one month.
  • I subsribed to this service and starting to really like it. The articles are fairly well spun and in good state. 

    David, any chance you'll be adding those offline content topics that I pinged you about earlier?
  • Hmm I have emailed the support desk twice in the past few days and am not getting any response, even the automatic email with the support ticket number.  And I have tried 2 different email addresses.  Is this site still alive?  :)

  • i have buy this, just use it a while, but now the site is gone.. wasted my money..i know just this low service i would not buy it
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