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Emulating captcha services and redirecting to another provider?

I keep telling my customers they can use captcha breaker to emulate decaptcher, deathbycaptcha, etc...and send the captchas to the provider of their choice with captcha breaker.

I tried it today and it didn't work as expected. I entered in my deathbycaptcha details in my software, had CB running with the settings below:




and expected to have a pop up from captcha breaker when the captcha got sent but it just got sent right to deathbycaptcha and 10 sec later I had a response.

What am I doing wrong?

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  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Oh another evil one :( is that ubot thing detectable somehow (process name, loaded dll...)? Or maybe @theorbital can get me a version to test?


  • SvenSven
    This can happen if you use proxies to send captchas to services. You have to disable that there, else noone knows that the host/ip you sent to is a captcha service.
  • ubot converts the captchas into *.gif format if i'm not wrong.
  • OzzOzz
    edited April 2013
    i can't tell. @d3ad has sent me a few hundreds captchas he had collected with AC+ and all of them were converted into a different format.
  • no proxies used during test.

    @sven - ill get you a copy to test when I get home.
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